2005-06 Institutional and Campus Goals and Objectives

First Key: Build FTE
Growth of student enrollment is a measure of service by the College to citizens and a basis for state financial support. To implement this key, RCC will:
1.1 Expand the scope, quality, and availability of programs and services.
Redwood Campus Objective 1
RWC will increase FTE by 4%
Redwood Campus Objective 7
RWC will explore, develop and offer new programs, options, and courses responsive to student, community, business and industry needs.
Redwood Campus Objective 9
TRIO EOC Will recruit 1,000 low income and first generation participants and assist them with enrollment processes and financial aid applications. At least 50% of the participants will enroll in a post-secondary institution. Approximately 95% of those students will enroll at RCC.
Redwood Campus Objective 11
High School Outreach Department will work with RWC management on coordinating high school outreach activities in an effort to have a comprehensive plan for recruitment of high school students to enroll at RCC in 2+2 classes, take college classes while still in high school, and on post secondary enrollment.
Riverside Campus Objective 8
High School Outreach Department will work with RVC management on coordinating high school outreach activities in an effort to have a comprehensive plan for recruitment of high school students to enroll at RCC in 2+2 classes, take college classes while still in high school, and on post secondary enrollment.
Table Rock Campus Objective 1
Develop three distinctive activities with our high school partners that will result in a net gain of 10 FTE.
Table Rock Campus Objective 2
In conjunction with the Title III grant, redesign selected professional/technical programs to better serve time and place bound students.
1.2 Improve services to the diverse local communities.
Redwood Campus Objective 4
RWC will actively foster and expand offerings to new student target audiences.
Riverside Campus Objective 5
Embracing the Best in Everyone. Openness to cultural diversity is a hallmark of RCC's Riverside Campus. In 2005-06, the Riverside campus will expand a coordinated outreach and service program to meet the learning needs of the Hispanic community.
Riverside Campus Objective 6
TRIO EOC Will recruit 1,000 low income and first generation participants. They will be assisted with enrollment procedures and financial aid applications. At least 50% of the participants will enroll in post secondary education. Of those, approximately 95% will enroll in RCC.
1.3 Increase the student base by fostering a supportive learning environment.
Redwood Campus Objective 6
RWC will improve and increase student success and retention.
Riverside Campus Objective 1
It's the Life! Through social and service activities, Riverside Campus builds upon the unique individual gifts of students. In 2005-06, we will strengthen existing campus-wide student signature events and expand student club membership by 10%, particularly in the area of professional/technical support groups.
Table Rock Campus Objective 3
Provide ready access to library resources, tutoring assistance and research/class materials in a comfortable setting using traditional as well as high technology delivery methods, demonstrated by integration with the Phoenix Center and distributed learning including tutoring, library research/references, and interactive video classrooms and conferences.
Table Rock Campus Objective 4
Provide technical support by using best available technology and advanced delivery systems that emulate current college-wide standards including RogueNet applications, ubiquitous wireless connectivity, state of the art digital distribution, and interactive video.
Second Key: Build the Foundation
The RCC Foundation is a community-based initiative committed to the needs of learners. Recognizing the Foundation’s value to the College and region, RCC will:
2.1 Work with the Foundation to increase its endowment.
Redwood Campus Objective 10
TRIO EOC Will continue to work with the "Treasures of Summer" fund raising event to increase funding for scholarships.
Riverside Campus Objective 7
TRIO EOC will continue to work with with the "Treasurs of Summer" event to raise funds for the scholarship fund.
2.2 Build partnerships in local communities.
2.3 Improve awareness of the Foundation’s role.
Third Key: Build Revenue
In order to provide excellent, low-cost, efficiently managed education to the community, RCC seeks an income base using a variety of funding sources. To achieve this key, RCC will:
3.1 Pursue alternative funding sources.
Redwood Campus Objective 3
RWC will continue to expand self support opportunities for course and program offerings.
3.2 Strengthen partnerships with agencies and institutions.
Redwood Campus Objective 2
RWC will expand partnerships with business, industry, and employers for credit/noncredit.
Riverside Campus Objective 4
Hello Neighbor. Riverside Campus sees itself as a contributor to a revitalized downtown Medford. Through regularly-scheduled participation in civic improvement groups, support for downtown projects, and involvement with our campus advisory committee, we will continue to build our good image with the local community.
Table Rock Campus Objective 5
Market the high tech facilities at Table Rock Campus to the public around college activities, and expand relationships with business and industry through collaboration by contracted training utilizing existing programs and facilities at Table Rock Campus, including large multimedia rooms and interactive video.
3.3 Improve student access to funding resources.
Fourth Key: Manage Resources and Expenses
Rogue Community College is a trust held by its Board and employees on behalf of the people of Southern Oregon. To assure that these assets will be passed on to future generations, RCC will:
4.1 Align priorities and expenditures to ensure quality programs and services.
Redwood Campus Objective 5
RWC will complete the RWC Master Campus Plan and proposal for bond levy in Fall 2006.
College Services Objective 1
College Services is committed to providing dependable, timely, accurate service and meeting the planned and unplanned needs of the RCC family. College Services staff will continue the goal of acknowledging within two working days all requests for assistance from the campus community for most college services. Further, College Services will direct each department within its purview to continue establishment of baselines for optimum response time for each major function.
4.2 Pursue a stable funding base.
Riverside Campus Objective 2
Shooting for the stars. Riverside Campus is committed to retaining and graduating its students. Through an improved master schedule and proactive advising, Riverside seeks to increase the number of students transferring from both Basic Skills Programs to college credit classes and from RVC to SOU (or other institutions of higher education) by 3% over previous year levels.
4.3 Nurture the college’s human and material resources.
Redwood Campus Objective 8
RWC will continue to develop and improve the internal campus community organization and communication.
Riverside Campus Objective 3
Kind 'n Nice. Riverside Campus aims to be a friendly, helpful place. Faculty and staff will continue to go the extra mile in making students and community feel welcome on campus. Our goal is to increase our student satsifaction measure of "campus friendliness" by 3% over the 2004-05 baseline.
Table Rock Campus Objective 6
Develop and produce targeted marketing materials to support Table Rock Campus programs and services in conjunction with Community Relations.
College Services Objective 2
College Services recognizes the essential role of its staff and desires to assist individuals and the college community to maintain health, wellness, and professional growth. College Services will require that supervisors review professional growth goals and any plans with all classified staff members, with the long-term objective of providing educational, training, and wellness opportunities to those employees who may wish to fulfull growth plans.
College Services Objective 3
College Services is dedicated to providing and enhancing the learning environment for students. Therefore, College Services continued to be charged with maintaining grounds and facilities, providing wired and wireless computer connectivity, and enhancing safety and security.
College Services Objective 4
College Services recognizes the important role of managers and continues to seek to meet their need for professional growth through trainings, materials, and examples. Therefore, College Services will continue to provide all managers with at least one professional growth opportunity per year.