2004-05 Institutional Goals and Objectives

Institutional Long-Range Goal 1
The College will expand instruction and services to meet the needs of the entire district.
Objective 1.1
The college will enhance learner access and the educational environment by making available a balanced mix of programs, courses and services at three campus locations beginning fall term 2003.
Objective 1.2
By the year 2006-07, the college will have an enrollment of approximately 5200 FTE, reflecting a projected annual growth rate of 3% to 4%, serving an unduplicated head count of nearly 20,000 students.
Objective 1.3
The college will have successfully implemented the redesigned support systems to improve the quality of service for RCC students and programs by June 2004.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 2
The college will have a stable financial base consisting of varied sources of funding.
Objective 2.1
The college will continue to research best practices and coordinate activities across the district to generate additional funding.
Objective 2.2
The college will develop and implement an annual integrated fund development plan in response to changing financial realities.
Objective 2.3
RCC's financial planning and budgeting processes will be ongoing, realistic and strategically guided by the mission and goals of the college. The scope and diversity of programs and services as well as the number and diversity of students will be considered when making budgetary decisions.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 3
The College will develop and maintain appropriate facilities throughout the district based on the institutional facilities master plan.
Objective 3.1
The college will create an updated integrated institutional facility master plan for short-term and long-term growth that includes facilities plans for three major campuses.
Objective 3.2
The system-wide plan will include comprehensive policies, procedures and budgets for facilities maintenance, equipment upgrades/replacement, institutional technology infrastructure and capital improvements.
Objective 3.3
The institutional facilities master plan will address both external and internal elements to create safe, comfortable environmentally friendly, state of the art campuses.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 4
Beyond campus-based programs, the college will expand learning services to meet a variety of expressed needs to help build, strengthen, and enrich the diverse communities Rogue serves.
Objective 4.1
The college will better serve all of its community by refocusing non-traditional scheduling of course and program offerings, including night, weekend, and distributed delivery.
Objective 4.2
The college will implement at each campus at least one new Learning Community, integrating academic and support services.
Objective 4.3
The college will establish one or more mechanisms to identify community needs and interests and provide appropriate learning opportunities.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 5
The college will align its priorities to continually provide quality programs, services, and affordable access.
Objective 5.1
The college will consolidate the delivery of services and instruction for students and staff that maintains institutional standards while honoring campus needs.
Objective 5.2
The college will strengthen its planning, implementation and assessment processes in a manner leading to a successful accreditation visit in fall 2003.
Objective 5.3
The college will formulate a hybrid system combining the current horizontal budget process and a new vertical budget process in order to best meet the needs of a multi-campus college.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 6
The college will increase its efforts to recognize and serve a more diverse community.
Objective 6.1
The college will strengthen its target marketing efforts to address distinct populations.
Objective 6.2
Each RCC campus will celebrate at least one annual signature event reflecting the diverse nature of the community.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 7
The college will develop and maintain strong collaborative partnerships within its external communities.
Objective 7.1
The college will continue to build relationships with its partners to advance mutually beneficial efforts.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 8
The College will strengthen its communication and participatory decision-making processes with its internal communities of staff and students.
Objective 8.1
There will be a clearly identified organizational leadership structure that delineates roles and levels of accountability in order to assure consistency and efficiency in delivering the college's services and fulfilling its mission.
Objective 8.2
Technology will be used to provide efficient access to communication and participatory decision-making processes.
Objective 8.3
The college will organize councils, committees, and working teams with staff and student representation to improve institutional collaboration and decision-making across locations and functions.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 9
The college will increase efforts to enrich student life, the learning environment, and foster individual responsibility and mutual respect.
Objective 9.1
The safety, security, and dignity of all students will be of the highest priority at all college locations.
Objective 9.2
The college will continue planning and implementation efforts designed to enhance delivery of social, cultural, co-curricular, recreational, community service, and campus government involvement.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 10
The college will increase efforts to provide quality alternative access and learning opportunities.
Objective 10.1
The college will provide sufficient information technology infrastructure services at all sites.
Objective 10.2
Each campus will work collaboratively with other campus teams to expand alternative delivery offerings.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 11
The college will strengthen and develop the quality of its staff and faculty as well as foster a safe, humane, and supportive working and learning environment.
Objective 11.1
The college will work to enrich its institutional and campus culture and identity focusing on RCC's hallmarks and values.
Objective 11.2
The college will continue to strengthen its welcoming environment in order to retain and recruit high quality staff and faculty.