Institutional Long-Range Goal 1
The College will expand instruction and services to meet the needs of the entire district.
Objective 1.1
The college will enhance learner access and the educational environment by making available a balanced mix of programs, courses and services at three campus locations beginning fall term 2003.
Objective 1.2
By the year 2006-07, the college will have an enrollment of approximately 5200 FTE, reflecting a projected annual growth rate of 3% to 4%, serving an unduplicated head count of nearly 20,000 students.
Redwood Campus Objective 1
RWC will generate an increase of 50 FTE. • Develop and reconstitute 41 classes in the year 2004-05.  At least 50 % of the classes will be in the professional technical area.  They will consist of approximately 40% day classes and 60% evening classes. • There will be at least 10 new distance learning classes made available. • Each class new will have an average class size of 18. • New student target groups will include retired community members, high school graduates, homebound community members, CEU, and Community Ed partnering
Allied Health - Nursing Objective 1
Collaborate with other nursing programs, the OIT Respiratory Care Program, and local hospitals to develop a plan for use of a high fidelity clinical simulation laboratory to augment on-site clinical training, making use of shared instructional materials, and to find outside funding sources to implement the plans and participate in development of a coordinated statewide system of simulation labs.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (8/10)
Delay in funding of the grants, and difficculties in getting SimMan to function meant our initial utilization of the NCSL for student education was delayed to this term (spring). However, the RVNC is meeting on a monthly basis and is working on ongoing planning. Efforts to find additional funding also continue, in order to ensure sustainability of the NCSL.
Assessment Tools Used:
Grant award contracts and minutes of meetings of Rogue Valley Nursing Council, the group guiding collaborative efforts regarding the Nursing Competency Simulation Lab or NCSL. (Minutes of meetings are available on request.) Also, see photos under "SimMan" folder in All of RCC Y drive, posted by Rand Hill.
Unexpected Results:
The problems encountered with SimMan were unexpected, and we've been a source of new information for Laerdal and ORegon's Simulation Alliance. It has meant increased networking within and outside the state regarding use of a high fidelity human simulator.
Business Technology Objective 1
Develop and offer at least six new distributed delivery classes during 04-05 (BA199 Project Management - developed in 03-04, scheduled for Spring 05; BA199 Internet Marketing; BA211 Financial Accounting I; BA212 Financial Accounting II; BA213 Managerial Accounting; BT113 Business English I; and BT114).
Community Education Objective 1
Community Education will offer two additional courses in collaboration with credit courses (a campus-based program).
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Turf management, jewelry, stained glass, HD150 and PE 185, Backpacking, basketball, yoga, Early Childhood Education winter conference and ECE250B, ECE250C, 9.910.
Assessment Tools Used:
New sections implemented.
Early Childhood Education Objective 1
The ECE Department will add at least two courses or secitons per term.
Early Childhood Education Objective 3
ECE Department Student Outcome Objective: To include information about observing children in every class that observation is relevant to the class objectives. Instructors will be encouraged to spend at least 60 minutes of class time on observation as it relates to their particular classes.
Early Childhood Education Objective 4
The ECE department will offer evening classes, weekend classes, and offer clases via the web and IP Video that will serve both counties.
Social Science/Human Services Objective 1
Anth150 (Introduction to Archaeology, classroom format) RWC Soc218 (Sociology of Gender) to be offered alternating terms RVC/RWC
Instructional Media Objective 1
Create and implement a fully online orientation to web-based classes and WebCT that serves at least 10% of web-based students.
Redwood Campus Objective 2
RWC will generate an increase of 40 FTE in the non-traditional instructional for arena. • 6 new FTE in the professional/Technical training arena. • 2 new FTE in the ABE/GED®/ESL academic arena. • 8 new FTE in the Services to Students arena. • 6 new FTE in the Community Education arena. • 18 new FTE in the Workforce Training arena.
Automotive Objective 1
The Automotive Tech Department will continue to develop and schedule off-hour, evening, and/or weekend classes to invite more non-traditional students into the program. These additions should improve the opportunities for those in the workforce to transition into an automotive career.
Community Education Objective 3
Community Education will develop a senior/retiree market and offer four targeted events in 2004-05.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (8/10)
Senior day, Adult Health and Wellness Fair, Powerful Tools for Caregiving, Youth-Science Kaleidoscope.
Assessment Tools Used:
Events offered.
Extent of Accomplishments:
Limited budget; just received $1000 grant for next senior day event.
Contracted Training Objective 1
Customized Training will develop and offer a MCDST (Microsoft) certificate program at a local high school.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (4/10)
MCDST "pocket" advertisement PDF will be distributed via email to all high school computer instructors with 50 hard copies of the marketing piece to arrive via US mail within 3 days of the email distribution.
Assessment Tools Used:
Developed marketing strategy.
Extent of Accomplishments:
Completing project in August 2005.
Unexpected Results:
Contracted Training Objective 2
Customized Training will explore offering Microsoft certificate training as a web-based course.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (0/10)
Initial discussion with Jeremy Taylor determined possible lack of security in that the material could be stolen and distributed through peer-to-peer software.
Assessment Tools Used:
Discussed with instructor, Jeremy Taylor.
Extent of Accomplishments:
Project was cancelled when we determined security was an issue.
Unexpected Results:
Yes, we found security issues which were too costly to pursue this objective.
Contracted Training Objective 4
Customized Training will identify a qualified instructor to develop and offer advanced certification courses for dental assistants.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Trained a Hispanic lead instructor for dental lab in Spring term and she is preparing curriculum for General Chairside. Other dental instructor has developed Infection Control curriculum and class is scheduled for Spring 2005 delivery.
Assessment Tools Used:
Met with instructor to determine viability of possible programs.
Extent of Accomplishments:
Unexpected Results:
Contracted Training Objective 5
Customized Training will determine viability of offering an adult driver training refresher course.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (0/10)
Insurance companies able to offer the class far below what RCC could to find a return on investment.
Assessment Tools Used:
Initial assessment determined return on investment too low.
Extent of Accomplishments:
Unexpected Results:
Found competition priced too low for RCC to compete and still find revenue return.
Social Science/Human Services Objective 2
Social Science/Human Services Objective 19
Human Services-Propose curriculum changes to allow first year of program in both Medford and Grants Pass, second year only in Grants Pass.
Instructional Media Objective 2
Expand the RCC interactive video network to include the Kerby Learning Center, SOU, and TRC.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
All site are up, operating and being used on a regular basis.
Assessment Tools Used:
Observation. The system has been completed, and is currently being used. We are experiencing some network difficulties that we hope to resolve in the next week.
SBDC Objective 2
The SBDC will produce at least one business related web-based class per term.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (2/10)
A. Contractor Education class: Three of the four instructors met with Rich Kirk to discuss the concept. The fourth instructor never responded to the numerous requests, indicating he did nto have sufficient extra time to develop the course. B. Review of the extent to which existing Education-to-Go courses are meeting need - enrollment increasing. C. Frequency of class would have to be revised, requiring additional salary expenses. D. Project put on hold until more data can be gathered as to types and feasibility of classes to be offered.
Assessment Tools Used:
Extent of Accomplishments:
Project put on hold. Other courses being assessed for on-line presentation.
Unexpected Results:
A. Unresponsive accounting and recordkeeping contractor education instructor. B. Because of logistical issues with director, instructors, and media, this objective was not met.
SBDC Objective 4
The SBDC will develop an additional two courses per term (SBM Lite and SBM Alumni).
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Accomplished and development is on-going. Twelve new classes developed and offered, averaging 3 per term. New courses developed are: 1. Microsoft Office computer courses offered in a module format. 2. Hospitality training, offered each term. 3. Real Estate, offered each term. 4. Small business express. 5. Small business management alumni. 6. Financial Management courses packaged with QuickBooks and incentives to registrer for all developed. 7. QuickBooks courses upgraded to QuickBooks 2005 and offered at RVC. 8. Insurance continuing education classes started and offered each term. 9. Accident Prevention/OSHA offered at RVC. 10. Bidding and Estimating offered at RVC. 11. Project Management offered at RVC but cancelled for insufficient enrollment. 12. Unleash the Power of Your Advertising three-part series developed and offered.
Assessment Tools Used:
A. Number of classes developed in this year's schedule. B. Number of courses offered in previous year's schedule.
Extent of Accomplishments:
Unexpected Results:
The instructor we had anticipated developing a mortgage broker CEU program for the SBDC did not follow through.
SBDC Objective 5
The SBDC will develop a potential pool of part-time instructors by Spring 2005.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Developed a database of 30 instructors with areas of expertise developed. Database will be revised with new instructors added as appropriate.
Assessment Tools Used:
A. Assessed current instructor pool. B. Assessed potential new courses and need for instructors.
Extent of Accomplishments:
Unexpected Results:
Student Employment Objective 1
During the 04-05 academic year, increase enrollment in Skills Training, gaining at least 4 FTE as compared to 03-04. To aid in this effort, SES will send a monthly OST training site listing to our target markets (Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Veterans Administration, The Job Council, Employment Department) and to counseling and other RCC departments as appropriate.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (8/10)
In today’s climate of FTE reduction – across the state – we are one of the few areas of the college producing an increase in FTE. Though we did not achieve the net gain of 4 FTE we had worked toward, we did gain 1 FTE to date over last year.
Assessment Tools Used:
Review of Admin. View FTE reports, comparing 03-04 FTE to 04-05 FTE.
Extent of Accomplishments:
SES will continue to look for new ways to increase Skills Training FTE, including targeting new populations to serve, increasing marketing efforts, and considering new program/service options. Our goal for next year is to increase FTE by 4.
Objective 1.3
The college will have successfully implemented the redesigned support systems to improve the quality of service for RCC students and programs by June 2004.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 2
The college will have a stable financial base consisting of varied sources of funding.
Objective 2.1
The college will continue to research best practices and coordinate activities across the district to generate additional funding.
Objective 2.2
The college will develop and implement an annual integrated fund development plan in response to changing financial realities.
Objective 2.3
RCC's financial planning and budgeting processes will be ongoing, realistic and strategically guided by the mission and goals of the college. The scope and diversity of programs and services as well as the number and diversity of students will be considered when making budgetary decisions.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 3
The College will develop and maintain appropriate facilities throughout the district based on the institutional facilities master plan.
Objective 3.1
The college will create an updated integrated institutional facility master plan for short-term and long-term growth that includes facilities plans for three major campuses.
Redwood Campus Objective 3
RWC will develop a master plan and outline timelines for facilities improvements by December of 2004 including: • the new Early Childhood Education building • expansion of or addition of a classroom in G building • Explore remodeling or building issues related to Science facilities. • exploration related to Health/PE/recreation, gym, track and field • Relocation of the Office of Diversity and YES! Women’s Resource Center to the Student Center • collaboration on the Business Tech Park with the City of Grants Pass • Improvements to facilitate high tech deliveries at Kerby Belt building • on going review of the Arts complex needs either on campus or remodeling issues for programs returning to campus • review issues related to Historic City Hall building and possible updating or expansion • Art Works/foundry project needs for expansion and/or development of D building • ongoing maintenance and upgrades related to Rogue Building and the Marjorie Holtzgang Concert Bowl • review location for the OWL and writing lab • signage improvements for campus and outreach centers
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (7/10)
RWC Master planning process is in its internal campus forum stage and will continue community forums during summer 2005. ECE building is on target with fund raising and site development. Office of Diversity and YES is relocated in Student Center and awaits a remodel to include an exterior entrance and deck. High tech delivery to Kerby-Belt building in substantially completed. Work is on going with ArtWorks/Foundry, Business Tech Park and signage.
Assessment Tools Used:
Anecdotal evidence and reports from continuing work of Management Team members and faculty/staff
Automotive Objective 3
The Automotive Tech Department with the help of it’s advisory committee will review it’s current facilities to determine if it is adequate to meet the increasing needs for expansion of the department to meet requests by prospective students.
Science Objective 9
The science department will work with the RWC and RVC leadership as needed to develop a preliminary plan for science expansion to best determine: A. Locations B. Nature of Expansion 1. Labs 2. Lecture 3. Faculty Offices Measurement: Science faculty will participate as members of the Facilities Committee, participate in other facilities planning as needed or permitted, create a written plan for expansion.
Theatre Arts Objective 4
Replace the carpet and upgrade the electrical/lighting capacity in the Rogue Building.
Instructional Media Objective 3
Upgrade all mediated classroom computers and create a system to manage those computers over the network.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (5/10)
We completed on campus due to budget.
Assessment Tools Used:
Observation. Redwood Campus was completed. RVC will be completed this year
Redwood Campus Objective 4
Redwood will continue to explore the sale of the downtown learning center and the appropriate use of funds generated by the sale for facilities uses related to the Redwood campus and outreach centers
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (1/10)
DLC has been advertised. Potential buyer submitted offer contingent on inspection. Buyer withdrew offer after on the sale of building is still in process.
Assessment Tools Used:
Sold or not sold.
Automotive Objective 4
The Automotive Tech Department will review, through it’s advisory committee, the current equipment budget to determine if it is adequate for the existing program and to determine if more funding is needed to remain current with technology changes in the industry.
Instructional Media Objective 4
Implement new instructor web site and have 20% of faculty users trained and using the new system by June 2005.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (0/10)
This project was put on hold due to the redesign of the entire college Web site
Extent of Accomplishments:
Our staff is working with the Internet department to achieve this goal.
Redwood Campus Objective 5
RWC will continue to explore co-location possibilities with GPHS, Siskiyou Field institute, Communiversity-Williams or other community projects as the need arises
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (9/10)
Welding and Culinary arts courses have ben co-located and offered all three quarters at GPHS. Both have been great successes and plans continue for expansion in 2005-06. Associate Deans, Science Department faculty and head, RWC Executive Dean and RCC president have continued their active involvement and participation in the development of SFI partnership and site selection. Administrators have also been in contact with Pacifica exploring shared course offering alternatives and potential collaborative programming. Both of these community projects will continue!
Assessment Tools Used:
Courses Offered Continued involvement in SFI and Pacifica/community projects
Science Objective 10
The science department will continue to build relationships with outside partners to advance mutually beneficial goals. Measurement: Science faculty will attend the High School Outreach Committee, 2+2 Committee Meetings, work with the SFI/SOU/RCC partnership as an active member in advisory meeting determination of an appropriate co-location for the proposed new facility.
Science Objective 11
The science department will continue to imrove lab safety by completing and implementing the department chemical hygiene plan this year. Measurement: A written chemical hygiene plan will be submitted to the college for evaluation and approval. The plan will be implemented by the college and science department. Laboratory specialists will serve on the RWC and RVC safety committee.
Objective 3.2
The system-wide plan will include comprehensive policies, procedures and budgets for facilities maintenance, equipment upgrades/replacement, institutional technology infrastructure and capital improvements.
Objective 3.3
The institutional facilities master plan will address both external and internal elements to create safe, comfortable environmentally friendly, state of the art campuses.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 4
Beyond campus-based programs, the college will expand learning services to meet a variety of expressed needs to help build, strengthen, and enrich the diverse communities Rogue serves.
Objective 4.1
The college will better serve all of its community by refocusing non-traditional scheduling of course and program offerings, including night, weekend, and distributed delivery.
Objective 4.2
The college will implement at each campus at least one new Learning Community, integrating academic and support services.
Redwood Campus Objective 6
The RWC Learning Communities Committee will sponsor 2-3 learning communities’ pilot projects during the 04-05 school year. These collaborative efforts will be focused on students within the Computer services and Speech classes, Computer services and Math classes, and Moving On and Developmental Ed.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (2/10)
The RWC Learning Communities met two times in the fall quarter. It was determined that resources and interest were not sufficient to launch a new initiative with Learning Communities. However, the concepts are continuing to be supported and nurtured in programs and courses where natural communities exist. This objective will be reconsidered in the 2005-06 Campus Master Planning process.
Assessment Tools Used:
Learning Communities initiated or not.
Automotive Objective 5
The Automotive Tech Department will review it’s current FTE as well as projected student enrollment in relation to our current departmental staffing to determine if additional part-time or full-time staff are needed to maintain quality of the program.
Objective 4.3
The college will establish one or more mechanisms to identify community needs and interests and provide appropriate learning opportunities.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 5
The college will align its priorities to continually provide quality programs, services, and affordable access.
Objective 5.1
The college will consolidate the delivery of services and instruction for students and staff that maintains institutional standards while honoring campus needs.
Objective 5.2
The college will strengthen its planning, implementation and assessment processes in a manner leading to a successful accreditation visit in fall 2003.
Objective 5.3
The college will formulate a hybrid system combining the current horizontal budget process and a new vertical budget process in order to best meet the needs of a multi-campus college.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 6
The college will increase its efforts to recognize and serve a more diverse community.
Objective 6.1
The college will strengthen its target marketing efforts to address distinct populations.
Redwood Campus Objective 7
In ’04-’05, RWC will strengthen its marketing efforts to address target populations of seniors/retirees, Hispanics, high school students, and Small Business Management program alumni.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (8/10)
The Senior Day on campus in September launched an increasing number of programs and marketing efforts in partnerships with several community organizations. The Spring Health Fair focused on this populations with over 400 attendees. The two programs developed with GPHS (Welding and Culinary Arts) have been immensely successful and have been used as models for other high school outreach options. These will be continued and expanded in 2005-06 with the addition of an automotive technology program offering on RWC campus for high school studentsin the afternoons during fall quarter and continued if enrollment is sufficient. The Small Business Management and SBDC experienced considerable growth in enrollment. The contact with SBM alumni is still in the development stages.
Industrial Welding Objective 5
Maintain a highly visible recruitment program in the two county high school districts and communities projected at freshman student enrollment as well as industry employment upgrading. To support this effort we will develop a marketing brochure for high school recruitment.
Theatre Arts Objective 5
Explore and address State Guidelines and/or Prof/Tech guidelines to Develop Drama Therapy Class in Grants Pass that continues to reach out to special populations such as Hospice, SOASTC, and Oak Lane.
SBDC Objective 3
The SBDC will hire a part-time Hispanic/bi-lingual business counselor, Spanish speaking business instructor, and/or interpretor.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (5/10)
Objective deemed as not necessary at this time. If an interpreter is needed, counseling can be scheduled at a time that John Lopez has office hours and is available.
Assessment Tools Used:
Frequency of requests and perceived need.
Extent of Accomplishments:
Will monitor on an on-going basis to determine if and when objective becomes necessary.
Unexpected Results:
Yes, no requests were made
Objective 6.2
Each RCC campus will celebrate at least one annual signature event reflecting the diverse nature of the community.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 7
The college will develop and maintain strong collaborative partnerships within its external communities.
Objective 7.1
The college will continue to build relationships with its partners to advance mutually beneficial efforts.
Redwood Campus Objective 8
Redwood Campus will create a RWC Campus Advisory Council composed of selected members of existing college and departmental advisory boards. This board will be scheduled to meet twice a year and will provide input for campus direction, programs and services.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (1/10)
The RWC Executive Dean did not re-convene the RWC Advisory committee during 2004-05. She focused her energy on initiating individual contacts and community partnerships i.e. Chamber of Commerce and attending program advisory committees. This will be revisited in 2005-06 especially as the Campus Master Planning process unfolds and consideration of a Bond Levy for 2006 is developed.
Assessment Tools Used:
RWC Advisory Committee did not meet formally.
Redwood Campus Objective 9
Redwood Campus will continue its momentum in 04-05 to build mutually beneficial relationships with partners in the external community as follows: • The SBDC will develop and roll-out a Small Business Management Alumni program that will serve the business community. • The Arts Quad Community Committee will begin fund raising efforts that will produce a fully functioning foundry on campus, help pay for faculty, marketing, supplies and administration costs • The RCC Technology Park will have a “go” “no/go” decision early in the year and if a “go” the park will be in architectural development with funds identified to build at least the first phase. • The Grants Pass High School partnership will consist of our providing the “Tech Academy” for at least two of their vocational programs (welding, construction, or culinary arts). This partnership will also allow RCC to offer evening classes using high school classroom and labs. • The Illinois Valley will have expanded services at our Kerby Center to include IP Video connection to credit and non credit classes, business and community ed computer classes. A plan will be developed to hire an educational coordinator in partnership with agencies such as IV CRT, Siskiyou Educational Project, Family Resource Center, and Three Rivers School District. • A partnership with the Siskiyou Field Institute, SOU and interested foundations will be developed to promote the Illinois Valley as a unique ecosystem through eco-tourism, scientific research, outdoor education, community education and business/agency retreats
Allied Health - Nursing Objective 2
Collaborate with ADN and BSN educators and other nursing leaders to develop a statewide consortium for nursing education and a shared, competency-based integrated nursing curriculum.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Collaboratoin is ongoing; curriculum development will be completed in time for implementation of new nursing courses in fall 2006.
Assessment Tools Used:
Asssessment tools used to measure the extent to which objective was achieved: OCNE meeting minutes-available on request-and Application for Statewide program to ODCCWD, which was mailed on 5/5/05 (copy available on request).
Unexpected Results:
RCC took the lead community college role (thanks to Laura Bennett) in the ODCCWD required process for applying for a statewide program.
Allied Health - Nursing Objective 3
Consult and work closely with advisory committee members to understand community needs and to ensure course/program completers attain required competencies.
Allied Health - Nursing Objective 4
Collaborate between and among the NA, PN and ADN programs to strengthen program delivery, and continue to serve as a knowledge resource for local Nursing Assistant courses and healthcare facilities.
Automotive Objective 2
The Automotive Tech Department will have two planned advisory committee meetings with industry representatives during the year.
Community Education Objective 2
Community Education will offer four non-credit computer courses in the Illinois Valley.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (0/10)
Computer lab installation postponed until Summer 2005.
Assessment Tools Used:
If courses offered.
Extent of Accomplishments:
Will offer classes summer term 2005.
Contracted Training Objective 3
Customized Training will expand high school driver training offerings to off- site locations in the community (Grants Pass and Illinois Valley).
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Served 37 students at Grants Pass High School location. As of early May, have 8 students registered for Kerby.
Assessment Tools Used:
Met with high schools to determine need.
Extent of Accomplishments:
Unexpected Results:
Developmental Education Objective 5
By the end of fall term 2004, all Wiseman test proctors will be certified for Pearson VUE testing.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
All Wiseman test proctors obtained their certification for Person VUE testing as required by the end of fall term 2004.
Assessment Tools Used:
Pearson Vue certificates for each proctor
Unexpected Results:
No. The certificates are displayed in the testing office.
Early Childhood Education Objective 2
The ECE Department will continue to expand relationships through community partners by working with the following: SOU--continue collaborating with our joint degree by meeting at least twice per year with educational staff of SOU. Job Council--collaborate with Job Council to provide workshops that include an evaluation component so that they can be combined into ECE credit classes. This will recruit new non-traditional students who otherwise may not attend RCC. Southern Oregon Head Start and Josephine County Early Intervention-- continue collaboration on establishing the Redwood Early Childhood Center and expand collaboration through offering courses at Head Start sites using a combination of Head Start personnel for the financial support and some from part-time instruction budget.
Industrial Welding Objective 1
Identify and develop a RCC/AWS welding certification process to replace the WABO process; to include SMAW, GMAW & FCAW.
Industrial Welding Objective 2
Increase the educational experience with 20 real time job projects for our students, thus empowering them with the skills required to work in a very demanding industrial job market and once employed, improve their quality of life.
Industrial Welding Objective 3
Increase and diversify the number of our Industrial Welding Advisory Committee members by five in order to provide direction to an educational program that will meet the needs/skills Industry requires of their employees/our students, to be gainfully employed in the Metals Fabrication Industry.
Industrial Welding Objective 4
Utilize Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) more effectively through student placement and feedback from Industry/students to ensure that the Industry needs and requirements are met. This will be accomplished by establishing two additional external CWE sites.
Industrial Welding Objective 6
Replace the 1970’s welding machines (10) with new inverter technology welding machines.
Science Objective 13
The science department will continue to build relationships with outside partners to advance mutually beneficial goals. Measurement: Science faculty will attend the High School Outreach Committee, 2+2 Committee Meetings, work with the SFI/SOU/RCC partnership as an active member in advisory meeting determination of an appropriate co-location for the proposed new facility.
SBDC Objective 1
The SBDC will offer local businesses to use the conference room once a month rent free.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Objective was to OFFER the use.
Assessment Tools Used:
A. Review of the extent to which the SBDC conference room has been utilized. B. Evaluation of the announcements made offering the use of the SBDC conference room. C. Conference room has been used for the following meetings, and the following announcements have been made: RASCAL miscellaneous meetings, Community Center meetings, Arts Quad meetings, Business Retention Expansion Committee meetings, Announcements at Chamber of Commerce meetings, Offer made at various talks conducted, Sub Shop for video training.
Extent of Accomplishments:
The conference room has the potential to be utilized more during the day.
Unexpected Results:
Yes, agencies rather than businesses, used it.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 8
The College will strengthen its communication and participatory decision-making processes with its internal communities of staff and students.
Objective 8.1
There will be a clearly identified organizational leadership structure that delineates roles and levels of accountability in order to assure consistency and efficiency in delivering the college's services and fulfilling its mission.
Objective 8.2
Technology will be used to provide efficient access to communication and participatory decision-making processes.
Objective 8.3
The college will organize councils, committees, and working teams with staff and student representation to improve institutional collaboration and decision-making across locations and functions.
Redwood Campus Objective 10
The Redwood campus will fully develop the leadership team that is currently reflected on the organizational chart. The Campus Executive Dean will lead this group. Members will be comprised of classified, management and faculty; specifically, this body will have representation from college councils, local committees and task forces. The mission of this group is to broaden representation of various points of view on inter/intra-campus issues and contribute to the decision making processes as appropriate. This team will be represented to E-Council via the RWC management group.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (1/10)
RWC Executive Dean has reviewed the plans for an RWC Leadership Team and discussed the potential role with Mgt. Team and several faculty and staff. Forming and articulating a clear mission and concrete role for a Leadership team escapes the Executive Dean and Management Team. The Executive Dean is committed to broad communication and input on decision making. However, she is not willing to form groups or call meetings that do not have a clear purpose. This will be revisited in the Campus Planning process in 2005-06.
Assessment Tools Used:
Leadership Team not formed.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 9
The college will increase efforts to enrich student life, the learning environment, and foster individual responsibility and mutual respect.
Objective 9.1
The safety, security, and dignity of all students will be of the highest priority at all college locations.
Objective 9.2
The college will continue planning and implementation efforts designed to enhance delivery of social, cultural, co-curricular, recreational, community service, and campus government involvement.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 10
The college will increase efforts to provide quality alternative access and learning opportunities.
Objective 10.1
The college will provide sufficient information technology infrastructure services at all sites.
Objective 10.2
Each campus will work collaboratively with other campus teams to expand alternative delivery offerings.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 11
The college will strengthen and develop the quality of its staff and faculty as well as foster a safe, humane, and supportive working and learning environment.
Objective 11.1
The college will work to enrich its institutional and campus culture and identity focusing on RCC's hallmarks and values.
Redwood Campus Objective 11
The Redwood Leadership Team recognizes the need for building a supportive working and learning environment. During 2004-05, RWC Leadership Team, in collaboration with the Staff Development Council will sponsor six multi- faceted learning opportunities for staff while developing a plan to incorporate staff release time to increase attendance. Examples may include monthly Friday Forums, health, fitness and stress reduction workshops, and teambuilding activities.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (9/10)
RWC offered seven Friday Forums covering a wide range of topics and featuring student development, support services, instructional programs amd college services. The attendance was variable but important to those who participated. The Massage Therapy program offered massages for faculty and staff as their curricula allowed. Faculty and staff were very appreciative. While this was not a formal workshop developed by the management, it was an important community building and learning opportunity for students and staff. These events will be re-evaluated in 2005-06.
Assessment Tools Used:
Numbers of Events for staff and faculty planned and scheduled.
Mathematics Objective 1
Objective 11.2
The college will continue to strengthen its welcoming environment in order to retain and recruit high quality staff and faculty.