Institutional Long-Range Goal 1
The College will expand instruction and services to meet the needs of the entire district.
Objective 1.1
The college will enhance learner access and the educational environment by making available a balanced mix of programs, courses and services at three campus locations beginning fall term 2003.
Redwood Campus Objective 1
By spring term 2004, RWC will successfully integrate short-term training, community education, continuing education or contracted training into 3 traditional programs as best meets student needs and/or market demands.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Programs impacted include Early Childhood Education continuing education, Massage Therapy continuing education, Computer Science through Microsoft, Art/Community Education Jewely Making class, HPER/Community Education, Welding/Community Education.
Assessment Tools Used:
The objective was to impact three traditional programs and expectations were exceeded.
Community Education will integrate three offerings into the traditional programs by Spring 2004.
SBDC Objective 1
The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will meet with the Business Technology Department head to discuss counseling and training needs, to determine the feasibility of integrating programs and take appropriate action.
SBDC Objective 2
The SBDC will provide appropriate counseling and training services to the Illinois Valley on an as needed basis.
Integrate SBM program and the Business Technology department through no fewer than twice a term meetings with Randy Wade.
Redwood Campus Objective 2
In response to the on-going needs assessment in the Illinois Valley and balanced with the college’s budgetary limitations, RWC will develop and/or import programs and services to address the needs of the Illinois Valley residents by Spring 2004.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (5/10)
The addition of a 1/2 time clerical assistant on site providng information, community connection, scheduling and student racking shared by five departments (ABE, SES, Community Education, TRIO/REOC and Facilities). A community needs assessment is being developed to be distributed by the end of spring term. Importation of programs and services were not accomplished because of the delay in the implementation of the distance learning technology grant in Kerby. Siskiyou Field Institute partnership in collaboration with SOU, RCC and Humbolt.
Assessment Tools Used:
Assessed by the development of programs and/or services.
Community Education will provide at least one course offering to Illinois Valley via video technology. (ABC’s of Home Buying) during 2003-04.
Redwood Campus Objective 3
Curriculum planning will be advanced for program or service additions to Redwood in such areas as E-Commerce and Senior Services.
Objective 1.2
By the year 2006-07, the college will have an enrollment of approximately 5200 FTE, reflecting a projected annual growth rate of 3% to 4%, serving an unduplicated head count of nearly 20,000 students.
Redwood Campus Objective 4
Ongoing programs will be adjusted and upgraded to address enrollment trends.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
All in all with enrollment trends falling around the state, the acacemic area held its own.
Assessment Tools Used:
First the appropriate programs and courses needed to be reviewed to determine which ones reflected changes were needed. This was accomplished through reviewing enrollment trends during the last four years in conjunction with the Coordinating Committee of the ATC. Following the review and watching enrollment figures during actual registration classes were dropped or new sections were added. In programs that were benefiting from increased enrollments new sections were added. Examples include, man, many HPER course added, many sections of Math being added in the lower DE area, new blended classes being offered in CS and Math, Social Science and CJ courses being doubled labeled, a new section of Welding added, MT having several CEU offered, and ECE offering several new sections of courses.
In response to enrollment trends of declared Criminal Justice majors,the Criminal Justice Program on the Redwood Campus will offer first year courses for majors in the CJ AAS and AS degree programs and juvenile corrections courses for majors in the juvenile corrections certificate program.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Courses were planned and run as scheduled.
Assessment Tools Used:
Department schedule
BOOKSTORE Objective 4
The RWC bookstore will increase usage of web ordering through promotions and increased advertising.
TRIO - ED OPP CTR Objective 1
To meet grant requirements and address enrollment needs, Trio resources will be used to recruit and enroll a minimum of 75 students per year. The majority of these students will be from outreach communities.
Objective 1.3
The college will have successfully implemented the redesigned support systems to improve the quality of service for RCC students and programs by June 2004.
Redwood Campus Objective 5
A review will be initiated of student entry process to consolidate and strengthen front-end service alignments taking advantage of systems in place for programs.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (6/10)
The Front End Committee was formed with representatives from all areas where students enter the college (e.g. counseling, ABE DE, Discovery Programs, community education). Information given to students from these areas was shared and categorized for non duplication. Recommendations for entering coordinated coursework was proposed.
Assessment Tools Used:
Meetings were held and minutes were taken
By Spring 2004, Community Education will have successfully transitioned front- end registration processes to Rogue Central
The TRiO/SSS director, Rene McKenzie, will actively participate on the RWC front end alignment team during the 2003-04 academic year.
TRIO - ED OPP CTR Objective 3
TRIO will participate in a front-end service alignment to take advantage of systems in place. To serve the students recruited by TRIO,the TRIO staff will acquire training from departments with systems in place in order to maximize the effectiveness our referral program.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 2
The college will have a stable financial base consisting of varied sources of funding.
Objective 2.1
The college will continue to research best practices and coordinate activities across the district to generate additional funding.
Redwood Campus Objective 6
RWC will engage in at least one major grant project affecting Redwood either by itself or in collaboration with the other campuses related to campus facilities or programs during the 2003-04 year.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (8/10)
Assessment Tools Used:
RWC campus in collaboration with community leaders developed and submitted a grant application for the Arts Foundry Project which was funded and begins the process of establishing an Arts Quad on the Redwood Campus. Grant project not as major as anticipated but it was completed.
ART Objective 1
The Art Department will pursue the acquisition of grant funding for department equipment and instructional needs.
ART GALLERY Objective 1
The Art Galleries will pursue at least one grant to assist in development of program content
Redwood Campus Objective 7
RWC, in collaboration with the other campuses, will seek at least three grants related to workforce training, SBDC, community education or other programs during the 2003-04 year.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Assessment Tools Used:
RWC in collaboration with SOU requested and received grant funding from the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network for market assessment in the amount of $5,000. RWC submitted a workforce training grant application to Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Inc. for the Arts Foundry Project whose result is to create 5 jobs; grant funding of $25,000 was approved and is awaiting contract documents. RWC collaborated with TRC in development and budgeting of C & C Technician Training grant application and the Workforce Development grant application. These two projects were submitted and approved. In addition, RWC received continued grant funding for the SBDC from both the SBA and the OECDD in the amounts of $30,250 and $41,218 respectively.
Objective 2.2
The college will develop and implement an annual integrated fund development plan in response to changing financial realities.
Redwood Campus Objective 8
RWC will initiate at least one new community-building fund raising effort during the 2003-04 year.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Assessment Tools Used:
RWC in collaboration with RVC is developing fund raising efforts for the Early Childhood Education building to be built on the Redwood Campus, and is also working with the Arts Quad Committee Partnership to raise funds for the Arts Quad Project. Both of these projects initiated in 2003-04 and will continue into 2004-05.
BRT FUTURES Objective 1
Moving On/Bright Futures Advisory Board and staff will actively do scholarship fundraisers to address declining foundation student scholarship support.
TRIO - ED OPP CTR Objective 4
TRIO staff will participate in at least one integrated fund raising effort during the 2003-04 year.
Objective 2.3
RCC's financial planning and budgeting processes will be ongoing, realistic and strategically guided by the mission and goals of the college. The scope and diversity of programs and services as well as the number and diversity of students will be considered when making budgetary decisions.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 3
The College will develop and maintain appropriate facilities throughout the district based on the institutional facilities master plan.
Objective 3.1
The college will create an updated integrated institutional facility master plan for short-term and long-term growth that includes facilities plans for three major campuses.
Redwood Campus Objective 9
RWC will help design and provide the necessary land for the construction of a childcare and clinical facility in collaboration with Head Start, the City of Grants Pass and Josephine County for use by the public, students, and Early Childcare Education department in 2003-04.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Board approval for location of the new facility was completed.
Assessment Tools Used:
After many meetings Pat Huebsch, plus folks from Head Start and Josephine County Early Intervention Services, the location of the new Redwood Early Childhood Center was concluded. Additionally, early architectural drawing of the facility was completed by Rowell Brokaw Architects, PC on 4/13/04/
Redwood Campus Objective 10
RWC will identify and develop the best site in Illinois Valley to provide appropriate services in 2003-04.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Assessment Tools Used:
RWC assessed various property locations in the Illinois Valley, specifically Cave Junction, and determined that for the time being the Belt Building in Kerby would be the best site for our services in the Illinois Valley.
TRIO - ED OPP CTR Objective 5
TRIO staff will participate in the identification and development of a site in Illinois Valley to provide appropriate services in 2003-04. TRIO staff will contribute to the planning committee by providing data on Illinois Valley's assessed needs, assisting with grant writing and attending planning meetings.
Objective 3.2
The system-wide plan will include comprehensive policies, procedures and budgets for facilities maintenance, equipment upgrades/replacement, institutional technology infrastructure and capital improvements.
Redwood Campus Objective 11
The RWC facilities committee will review campus needs and identify/recommend efficient solutions for the delivery of RWC services to students, staff, and the public in collaboration with the College Services Team.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Assessment Tools Used:
RWC facilities committee has reviewed the campus needs for additional classroom space and staff relocations required as a result of reorganization. The need to create additional classroom space on campus has been a year long pursuit which did not materialize in 03-04, but will materialize in 04-05. RWC facilities committee has affected the following changes to meet the needs of students: reorganize student flow in Student Services, enlarge testing area in Wiseman Tutoring Center, built a cage around the weight area and installed new windows in the Gym, moved ASRCC office closer to students, incorporated a whirlpool and storage space for Massage Therapy. RWC has affected the following changes to meet the needs of staff: relocated Community Relations from G to H, Student Employment space requirements in Josephine building, moved Trio from Josephine building to Wiseman Tutoring Center, relocated Human Resources from H to M, relocated JOBS from L to Josephine, created workspace in Bookstore, created office for IT in Coates Hall, relocated Veterans Services from Josephine to Student Services, etc. The facilities committee continues to work with public agencies such as Horizon Village, OSU extension, and others in working to help accommodate their desire for access to RWC facilities.
Objective 3.3
The institutional facilities master plan will address both external and internal elements to create safe, comfortable environmentally friendly, state of the art campuses.
Redwood Campus Objective 12
RWC will pursue conversations with local leaders continuing the dialog initiated by the December 2, 2002 Josephine County Community Forum relative to our long-term campus plan.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
We have actively met and surpassed our original expectations on this goal. There are at least 15 community projects we are working on with the community. Our black white and the blues, treasures of summer, first Friday evens etc. Oregon Diversity Event and many others have also continued our dialogues. We are extremely proud of the way RWC faculty staff and management has actively engaged our community during this year. Unexpected Results: Every successful contact seems to breed many others. We are only limited by our resources since there is no shortage of requests for our involvement and ideas we have. Without additional help we are restricted to what we can do with creative financing and self support ideas._
Assessment Tools Used:
During the summer and fall term Kathy met with a list of community members she identified as important contacts for the campus. These luncheons resulted in a number of ongoing connections with business and government leaders. Kathy also joined Rotary and continues to represent RWC at weekly meetings of that group. The art foundry community group includes leadership from various groups in the community and this group continues to meet on a regular basis. John and Mike are also actively involved with many different segments of the community dialoguing on the common needs of our community and ways in which RWC can assist and engage in shared projects. Our successful shared block grant application with Early Childhood Ed, our collaboration with Horizon Village, successful Massage Therapy workshops for professionals in the community are just three of many of our very successful collaborations with business and government leaders. We believe our work in the community is one of our proudest accomplishments of the year.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 4
Beyond campus-based programs, the college will expand learning services to meet a variety of expressed needs to help build, strengthen, and enrich the diverse communities Rogue serves.
Objective 4.1
The college will better serve all of its community by refocusing non-traditional scheduling of course and program offerings, including night, weekend, and distributed delivery.
Redwood Campus Objective 13
RWC will refocus non-traditional scheduling of courses, services, and program offerings including night, weekend, and distributed delivery. Where appropriate, short-term-training and certificates will be offered to better serve the needs of the working student and business needs.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
The 3-year plan was accepted by E-Council and E-Team.
Assessment Tools Used:
First the appropriate programs and courses needed to be reviewed to determine which ones reflected changes were needed. This was accomplished through reviewing enrollment trends during the last four years in conjunction with the Coordinating Committee of the ATC. Following the review a focus on new directions was established. Indeed, a 3-year plan involving new course deliveries (139 new courses total), segments of our population being selected for new offerings, and with 60% of the offerings at night was submitted to e-council and the e-team for approval.
The Criminal Justice Program on the Redwood Campus will offer one or two courses per term in the evening to meet the needs of students who work during the daytime.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
One night class was held F, W at RWC, and 2 were held in spring.
Assessment Tools Used:
Course Schedule
Explore all options for a part-time SBM instructor to help expand the SBM program in Jackson County.
Ascertain possibility of providing for-pay consulting services to the business community on a project basis through the use of vendor providers from business, retirees, and college instructors.
COUNSELING Objective 1
To create a comprehensive schedule of Orientations and Human Development classes to be delivered in one dedicated classroom space.
Objective 4.2
The college will implement at each campus at least one new Learning Community, integrating academic and support services.
Redwood Campus Objective 14
RWC will implement one or more mechanisms for providing input and learning opportunities to identify community needs and interests.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (7/10)
The committee became more aware of community activities through the reporting of several committee members. Needs of the community were also brought to the committee by members. This was as far as we were able to go. Prior workloads for all members of the committee were too heavy to do some of the originally brainstormed ideas for community connections. Steps to meet the objective: Have more time in the day and have some focus provided on the ideas developed as to whether the direction and concept is one that RCC should pursue. Unexpected Results: Yes, as a committee we discovered that many RCC/RWC employees are reaching out to the community for donations of time, goods, and/or services. We also discovered that many community businesses are continually contacted due to their generosity of donations. With this in mind, the committee recommends documenting who reaches out to the community and what the nature of the contacts are. After the information has been gathered and compiled, someone, perhaps the Community Connections committee, should monitor the outreaches process. This process may be similar to what is done with grant work at RCC, and would include all types of community outreach contacts. We would also recommend a current survey of the boards and volunteer efforts of our staff. Perhaps, RCC should embark on an annual recognition of community groups as way to recognize our participation in community and theirs with RCC.
Assessment Tools Used:
Banners were made for the Redwood Campus. We created a different look to the JoCo Fair booth with more interactive things for visitors and Redwood Trees. This banner was used to start each term and we created a welcome table for new and returning students at the beginning of each quarter. We formed a Community Connections committee, which met several times to evaluate and develop some ideas for identifying community needs.
Objective 4.3
The college will establish one or more mechanisms to identify community needs and interests and provide appropriate learning opportunities.
Redwood Campus Objective 15
RWC will investigate, review, and where appropriate implement Learning Communities to facilitate and enrich the variety of student needs
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (5/10)
Will put together a resource package which will include a learning community case statement which will include basic structural configuration and how Rogue defines a learning community. Will start a committee which will support projects and help projects grow in the next academic year.
Assessment Tools Used:
We held two organization meetings. Several premier learning community projects are under development for 2004/05.
SBDC Objective 3
The SBDC will develop a needs assessment survey to identify community business counseling and training needs and interests and implement as feasible. This survey will be distributed through such avenues as the Chamber of Commerce, fairs, direct mailings, client counseling, and students of SBDC classes.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 5
The college will align its priorities to continually provide quality programs, services, and affordable access.
Objective 5.1
The college will consolidate the delivery of services and instruction for students and staff that maintains institutional standards while honoring campus needs.
Redwood Campus Objective 16
RCC Redwood faculty and staff will work closely with other campuses to assure processes that maintain program, departmental, and service consistency throughout the Rogue Community College system. Examples of collaboration with the other campuses include district budgeting, program coordination, student services, and district events.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (7/10)
The ABE Josephine County and Jackson County coordinators meet wwkly. ABE lead instructors meet quarterly. Library staff meets monthly. SDC, ATC, EPOC, IPOC and Staff Development Councils were implemented this year. Student Development Task Force membership was reconfigured to include TRC, RVC, RWC. TRIO/REOC meets regularly across campuses. Safety Committee has been reorganized by campus committee that feeds the institution. Subcommittees of councils were formed such as coordinating committee of ATC, Curriculum Standards integrate decision making about programs and services across campuses. Counseling Department, Student Life, ASRCC, Office of Diversity, Student Employment, Discovery Programs continues to work across campuses. Concerns of availability of IP video rooms to have collaborative meetings.
Assessment Tools Used:
Collaborative meetings across the campuses. Subcommittee and coordinating councils formed.
HUMANITIES Objective 2
The Humanities department will continue to monitor the results of the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE) and work on better systems of remediation for students who fail the first-week exam, including online tutoring for these students as well as the development of a one-credit lab course to be delivered online via the OWL.
HUMANITIES Objective 3
The Humanities department will develop more uniform grading standards and policies, working throughout the year to create grading rubrics for papers in our various composition classes and to develop a consensus on the ratio of quantitative to qualitative measures in our grading.
HUMANITIES Objective 4
The Humanities department will use online publishing resources to create a single WR122 text — based on a general consensus of the needs of the various instructors teaching WR122 — and pilot the use of this text during the 2003- 2004 academic year.
The Criminal Justice Program faculty of the Redwood and Riverside Campuses have developed and will implement a master schedule of classes for both campuses that reflects an effort to maximize the number of courses available to students. Course outlines have been reviewed and faculty have consulted regarding textbook selection for these classes.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Fully accomplished, with new courses approved by CC/AS cmte. and old courses removed from 04-05 advising guide.
Assessment Tools Used:
Curriculum revised to delete courses formerly in specialized tracks, with content from those courses into core classes, creating several new 4-credit classes.
Unexpected Results:
Brought to light the problems that 4-credit courses create in master scheduling. These seem resolved as they relate strictly to CJ.
Student Employment Services in collaboration with the counseling department will develop self-paced, fast track, progressive career and job search packets, independently accessible to students, staff and advisors. These packets will eventually be available at all campuses and on-line.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Anticipate meeting this objective by the end of June
Assessment Tools Used:
Degree to which complete packets are available on RWC and RVC and online by the end of the year.
The Financial Aid Department will provide accurate, quality training and ongoing support for Rogue Central.
Objective 5.2
The college will strengthen its planning, implementation and assessment processes in a manner leading to a successful accreditation visit in fall 2003.
Redwood Campus Objective 17
RWC will strengthen its planning, implementation and assessment processes in a manner leading to successful accreditation visits in 2003.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (8/10)
Both departments met the requirements of their respective program specific accreditation. While massage had a couple of items that needed further clarification, they successfully submitted the additional paper work and were cleared for full accreditation.
Assessment Tools Used:
We based our assessment of this objective on the tools used for specific program assessments and for the _Successful accreditation of the Automotive, and massage therapy programs.
The Criminal Justice Program will implement an assesment process that identifies and measures desired outcomes for students by reviewing input from the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee, student evaluations, faculty meetings to review course content and student achievement, and questionnaires completed by cooperative work experience site supervisors. Assessment data is reviewed on a semi-annual basis and will lead to modifications of curriculum.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (5/10)
While some of this work is on-going, such as Advisory Cmte review of outcomes and gathering their satisfaction with graduates. THe faculty are still unsure whether or not that input constitutes, or even should be considered as a summative outcome. The College does not provide outcome assessment assistance that would help with this, and lacking that, the faculty are not sure how to adequately make it happen.
Assessment Tools Used:
Faculty/ADean input
Extent of Accomplishments:
On-going faculty and ADean-level discussion and planning.
TRIO - ED OPP CTR Objective 6
Trio staff will acquire training from the Council of Advancement of Educational Standards and adopt the CAS self-evaluation standards. Trio will use these standards to employ effective qualitative and quantitative methodologies as appropriate, to determine whether and to what degree the stated mission, goals and student learning and development outcomes are being met in both counties.
Objective 5.3
The college will formulate a hybrid system combining the current horizontal budget process and a new vertical budget process in order to best meet the needs of a multi-campus college.
Redwood Campus Objective 18
RWC will implement and/or improve existing forums for providing input and learning opportunities to identify the community quality programs, services, and affordable access.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (8/10)
we worked very hard to address access at many levels for both staff and students. We created fun and functional activities for staff to get to know each other, we opened new support services for students; we worked to bring new populations to campus. We tried to plan meaningful meetings with staff to address classified needs, faculty/department head input; and support and encourage student life activities. We worked hard with our community and tried to build strong relationships with our CS colleagues on Redwood campus. Unexpected Results: Other campuses did not always agree with our approach to some of these activities and it was often difficult to meet our goals when we met resistance from the new three campus structure. Some staff remain unsure of the new structure which makes it hard to move forward in certain arenas.
Assessment Tools Used:
• establishment of RATS team, Student Development campus input team, • use of L building as a place to advertise and gain input, • meet the Dean for tea and input, • First Friday list of spotlighted departments and services • New set up for student services delivery of services; • Establishment of an office of diversity at RWC • Establishment of an office for Women’s resources
Institutional Long-Range Goal 6
The college will increase its efforts to recognize and serve a more diverse community.
Objective 6.1
The college will strengthen its target marketing efforts to address distinct populations.
Redwood Campus Objective 19
In ’03-’04, RWC will strengthen its marketing efforts to address target populations, such as seniors, Hispanics, and high school students.
Community Education will work with the Marketing Department to target 3 high school offerings and 3 senior courses for personal enrichment during 2003-2004.
STUDENT LIFE Objective 1
Student life will work with community members to solicit input about diversity initiatives in and for Josephine County.
Objective 6.2
Each RCC campus will celebrate at least one annual signature event reflecting the diverse nature of the community.
Redwood Campus Objective 20
RWC will plan and produce an event introducing and promoting RCC’s services for Hispanic populations in ’03-’04.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (3/10)
Both winter and spring quarters, letters were sent to all Hispanic identified students attending the Redwood Campus. Students were invited to attend a meeting to brainstorm possible activities for Latino students. We attempted to meet twice winter quarter and once spring quarter. One student came to one meeting.
Assessment Tools Used:
COUNSELING Objective 2
To identify a high student traffic space/office for an Office of Diversity, and to begin to plan staffing and a claendar of activities for the 03-04 year.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 7
The college will develop and maintain strong collaborative partnerships within its external communities.
Objective 7.1
The college will continue to build relationships with its partners to advance mutually beneficial efforts.
Redwood Campus Objective 21
RWC ABE will continue to collaborate with our local WIA partners through quarterly meetings of the Rogue Valley Education and Career Network (RVECN).
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (5/10)
RWC ABE director attending training at The Job Council, sponsored by The Job Council and RVECN. The RWC ABE director continues to attend WIA Youth Council meetings every quarter. Steps to meet this objective: ABE director will continue to work with our WIA partners; however, membership in the RVECN remains with the Dean of RVC and the college president.
Assessment Tools Used:
Meetings were attended.
SBDC Objective 4
The SBDC will maintain strong partnerships with external agencies, such as the OECDD International Trade Peer Mentoring Program, the Josephine County Business Retention Expansion Committee (BRE), the Business Resource Fair partnership, and the Grants Pass/Josephine County Chamber of Commerce.
SBDC Objective 5
The SBDC will ensure that its Advisory Council consists of a broad division of business and economic development persons.
CAFE Objective 1
RWC cafe will work with Horizon Village on a cost proposal for providing their residents with meals.
Redwood Campus Objective 22
A member of the RWC Leadership Team will meet with RVWDC and SOREDI on a monthly basis.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (5/10)
Assessment Tools Used:
In order to efficiently manage time, RWC leadership is relying on the attendance of TRC leadership to acquire information from the RVWDC. RWC leadership does attend SOREDI meetings, however not on a monthly basis due to schedules.
Redwood Campus Objective 23
RWC will work with the RCC board and its advisory members to create a strong community advisory body.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (7/10)
we feel good about the participation we have had from our community this year and we hope to build on the objective next year. Unexpected Results: we found out how willing and interested Jo., Co residents are about the college. There is also a great deal of concern about maintaining a strong campus with a balance of transfer and vocational programs here in Jo. Co.
Assessment Tools Used:
We held two meetings of the RWC advisory committee since the transition to the new campus structure. WE invited 80 members of the community and about 30 accepted our invitation. We also created an advisory committee for the foundry/art works project and about 12 of those community people continue to be actively involved. We hold regular meetings in which they participate and three of the members have actually taken a leadership role with those of us at the college.
Community Education will collaborate with 2 community agencies in providing joint trainings during 2003-2004 (Ex. Women’s Crisis Support Team, OSU)
Re-vitalize the Business Technology Advisory Committee by recruiting new members and soliciting more active participation from them.
BRT FUTURES Objective 2
Moving On/Bright Futures will host an AmeriCorps Member as a Community Educator to do outreach for RCC to local organizations and councils that work with women and children who are victims of abuse.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 8
The College will strengthen its communication and participatory decision-making processes with its internal communities of staff and students.
Objective 8.1
There will be a clearly identified organizational leadership structure that delineates roles and levels of accountability in order to assure consistency and efficiency in delivering the college's services and fulfilling its mission.
Redwood Campus Objective 24
RCC Redwood will develop a leadership framework to foster communication among the Redwood managers, faculty and staff by holding quarterly campus meetings.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (5/10)
Many social and educational events including our First Friday forums helped build community and encourage staff to learn more about each other and programs offered on the campus. We held a number of fun events including the holiday tea party, barbeques and social events While this did not officially meet our objective we felt it was a better and more useful way to build community in light of the difficulty issues staff were dealing with after the reorganization.We focused on creating a local RAT (Redwood Academic Team) team to bring leadership to the RWC instructional process. This was a successful group of department heads and service leaders who met regularly. Our official leadership council will be part of year two of our plan. We hope to make specific invitations to that body in summer and initiate the first set of meeting in the fall. Unexpected Results: We realized that we were not ready for a full leadership council since we were still getting our RWC management team up and running. We wanted to make sure that we had a firm grasp on just what the purpose of the leadership council would be and throughout the year we assessed the role and the relationship this group would have to the RATS, SDC and other campus councils and committees. In May we put together our plan to bring our leadership council together during the coming summer and fall terms.
Assessment Tools Used:
We did provide a structured spring and fall term inservice experience for Redwood aimed at leadership and communication. We also held a classified retreat to address Redwood classified issues. Out of those forums we decided to postpone the leadership council which we had hoped would meet quarterly. We decided the framework should wait until fall term 04 in favor of developing stronger communications through more interesting and fun events that would engage the staff in a fun and productive manner. We held seven events aimed at building stronger sense of community at the RWC campus. We held regular RATS and other campus council and committee meetings to gather input and share vision.
Redwood Campus Objective 25
The leadership team will review its representation on key college committees, and the process for reporting into regular team meetings.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (9/10)
We still need to address the number of hours people are spending on committee work and see what we can do to reduce either the number of meetings or make sure representation is at an effective level.
Assessment Tools Used:
our RWC management agendas changed over the year to reflect this change. We went from an items based agenda to an agenda that gave each member a chance to report out to the whole group on their column areas and on the college committees they represent. WE also assigned key personnel to committees where we previously had no representation.
Objective 8.2
Technology will be used to provide efficient access to communication and participatory decision-making processes.
Objective 8.3
The college will organize councils, committees, and working teams with staff and student representation to improve institutional collaboration and decision-making across locations and functions.
Redwood Campus Objective 26
Redwood leadership team will incorporate the Facilitator Training skills and knowledge into meetings and forums starting summer 2003.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (2/10)
_Those who attended the training initially tried to incorporate the training into formal meeting structures but did not continue in that way. They did benefit from the training but it was used more often in their smaller groups and not at the management team level. we will not try to meet this objective as we decided it was not in the best interests of our campus process. Individual s who gained from the training did and do use their skills more often in their column meetings and related councils. Unexpected Results: individuals had different experiences with the training and chose to use their acquired skills in unique ways within their areas of expertise.
Redwood Campus Objective 27
RCC Redwood, drawing from the best in current practice, will build a representative campus council for effective and efficient coordination of activities at all levels.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (2/10)
This objective was rolled together with Objective #26.
Redwood Campus Objective 28
RCC Redwood will develop a forum for communication between faculty and tutoring staff ; both professional and student peer tutors. Forum will meet three times per year starting Fall 2003. (p. 54 self study)
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (6/10)
Although the objective was not met at 100%, we were successful in creating a forum where faculty and staff with similar service areas, providing direct support to students, discussed student issues common to more than one area and brainstormed solutions to these issues. In addition, the workgroup began preliminary planning to develop an advisory committee and members were educated regarding the service provided to students from individual areas.We will continue to meet as a workgroup for the 04-05 academic year and work toward more open communication to better serve students and bring best practices forward. Unexpected results: The advisory committee need was an unexpected result.
Assessment Tools Used:
The Academic Training workgroup, a sub group of Academic and Training Council did meet at least once per quarter to develop a forum for communication.
The TRiO/SSS director will participate in this forum and bring forward Best Practices in peer tutoring as well as assist in leading student peer tutors working with TRiO/SSS students to participate in the forum (as appropriate) during the 03-04 academic year.
Redwood Campus Objective 29
RCC Redwood along with ASRCC will sponsor two student focus groups in the year 2003-2004 to encourage better communication between staff and students.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 9
The college will increase efforts to enrich student life, the learning environment, and foster individual responsibility and mutual respect.
Objective 9.1
The safety, security, and dignity of all students will be of the highest priority at all college locations.
Redwood Campus Objective 30
By May 2004, RWC management team will review all documents and policies related to student codes of behavior, grievances processes, and other related documents to assure fairness and consistency in interpretation and enforcement.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (5/10)
By June 04 we completed three drafts of proposed changes to the students’ freedoms rights and responsibilities statement and the code of responsible behavior. The reviews were necessary to incorporate new campus structures, responsible personnel, titles, and processes. This review process continues to move forward but will not be completed until next fall. The final draft will then be reviewed by SDC and executive council before going to the board for approval. We will continue the review and drafts with proposals ready for review by late fall quarter. Unexpected Results: The lack of clarity on who would be responsible for student services after the retirement of Kathy Burkey contributed to the need to wait on institutional direction for the proposed changes.
Assessment Tools Used:
Kathy and Shirlee met to discuss the issues related to this topic. Sharon and other staff began a review of the process, forms, policies etc. Some forms have been updated and work on incorporating the new structure into the official grievance process continues.
Redwood Campus Objective 31
In cooperation with College Systems Team and Facilities personnel, RWC will review safety issues raised by Student Success Survey and implement changes as appropriate.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (8/10)
We added lighting this year. Two poles behind Manufacturing Engineering, two in the gravel lot and one in the Wiseman lot just east of the Learning Center. There is a plan to add one on the road where the Wiseman upper lot exits to the one way at the south west corner of the Wiseman building.
Assessment Tools Used:
This is in response to the Student Satisfaction Survey.
Objective 9.2
The college will continue planning and implementation efforts designed to enhance delivery of social, cultural, co-curricular, recreational, community service, and campus government involvement.
Redwood Campus Objective 32
RWC will encourage and promote ASRCC, clubs, and related college activities and invite student representation to appropriate RWC committees and task forces.
ART Objective 2
The Art Department will promote and support activities of the Student Art Club.
ART Objective 3
The Art Department will continue to provide more demonstrations, workshops professional artists’ gallery talks.
ART GALLERY Objective 2
The Art Galleries will develop at least one exhibit to increase awareness of societal issues in collaboration with other instructional depts, student life and the community.
BRT FUTURES Objective 3
Discovery Programs/Office of Diversity will host a series of conferences through-out the year to promote extra/co-curricular activities for all RCC students around issues of diversity, issues affecting women and men, Take Back the Night, and service projects generated out of class.
CAFE Objective 2
The RWC cafe will encourage input from students and staff concerning food quality and variety.
In the winter term of 2003-04 academic year, TRiO/SSS students will implement and actively participate in a student club for the remaining months in the year.
Redwood Campus Objective 33
By January 2004, RWC will review existing student-life planning documents and budget allocations and establish an ongoing planning process consistent with other departmental processes.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (3/10)
There has not been an ongoing planning process except for the fall new student welcome day and the return to campus welcome days at the beginning of each quarter.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 10
The college will increase efforts to provide quality alternative access and learning opportunities.
Objective 10.1
The college will provide sufficient information technology infrastructure services at all sites.
Redwood Campus Objective 34
RCC Redwood will implement the DTC grant, and provide video-conferencing possibilities to the Illinois Valley.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (2/10)
The DLT Grant was not implemented though the college has committed to the allocation of funds for monthly connectivity charges. Steps to Take: RWC plans to get started offering IP video classes in Kerby in Fall Term 2004.
Objective 10.2
Each campus will work collaboratively with other campus teams to expand alternative delivery offerings.
Redwood Campus Objective 35
RCC Redwood will prioritize and promote facility and program accessibility for students with special needs in accordance with universal design principles.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (9/10)
Assessment Tools Used:
Oregon Uniform Building Code
SBDC Objective 6
The SBDC will work closely with the Riverside and Table Rock Campus to bring Contractor Education and QuickBooks classes to Jackson County.
Redwood Campus Objective 36
RCC Redwood will explore the expansion of weekend and evening hours in the computer labs starting Fall 2003.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
After reviewing the computer check in and checkout logs traffic flow was determined to be minimal after 9:00 at night. Additionally, Saturday labs were very slow most of the day and extending their hours seemed not to be warranted. Labs are now open at 7:00 am, but close at 9:00 pm. Saturdays the labs are open form 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.
Assessment Tools Used:
Review check-in/check-out logs of traffic flow.
Redwood Campus Objective 37
Redwood Campus increase retention in RCC telecourses: (1) Modifications to traditional retention rosters will be made by week three of Summer Term 2003. These rosters will be assessment style and will be hard copy or web-based. (2) Faculty will distribute the modified retention assessment in each telecourse by week two of each term. (3) Telecourse faculty training on use of retention assessment will occur in weeks one and two of Summer Term 2003. (4) Retention information and resources will be included in telecourse student information during telecourse orientations beginning in Summer 2003.
Community Education will provide expanded weekend and evening computer courses at Redwood Campus by Fall 2003.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 11
The college will strengthen and develop the quality of its staff and faculty as well as foster a safe, humane, and supportive working and learning environment.
Objective 11.1
The college will work to enrich its institutional and campus culture and identity focusing on RCC's hallmarks and values.
Redwood Campus Objective 38
By November of 2003, RWC leadership team will seek input from all Redwood campus staff on desired training, recreational and community involvement opportunities that contribute or may contribute to a positive culture and identity for Redwood Campus.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (5/10)
See information on objectives 24 and 25.
Assessment Tools Used:
This objective should be combined with objective 24 and 25.
Redwood Campus Objective 39
RWC will formally sponsor a team in at least one community or civic group event such as Paint Your Heart Out or Habitat for Humanity.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
RWC sponsored a team of RWC employees, mostly managers, to participate in "Paint Your Heart Out" for SOASTC (Southern Oregon Adolescent Study and Treatment Center). The team spent most of a Saturday at the center painting the interior of the reception and business offices, completing the designated project.
Assessment Tools Used:
Whether or not the event was actualized as stated in the objective.
Redwood Campus Objective 40
During 2003-04, RWC leadership team will sponsor two training opportunities for management, staff and faculty related to strengthening and improving the working and learning environment.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (9/10)
We held a number of training s and individual learning sessions related to campus activities and deparmtnets._
Assessment Tools Used:
Number of trainings for staff
Community Education will budget $700 toward providing 25% tuition staff waivers to all currently employed RCC staff during 2003-2004. .
Objective 11.2
The college will continue to strengthen its welcoming environment in order to retain and recruit high quality staff and faculty.
Redwood Campus Objective 41
RWC will work to improve the culture and identity of its faculty, staff and management focused on its hallmarks and values.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (9/10)
We continued to use our motto and our values throughout our first year as Redwood Campus. Eunexpected Results: Our RWC Motto (Strong Roots—Powerful Vision) is a good one and useful in bringing our community to awareness of our history and our intention of maintaining a strong and powerful campus here in Josephine County.
Assessment Tools Used:
The RWC motto strong roots and powerful vision and the values included in our phase one report (attachment) were used in our classified retreat, our in-service planning in the fall, in our RATS team structure, in our self support activities in our work with our community advisory committee and our campus activities. A large banner with the motto was purchased and hangs at all of our Redwood campus events.
BOOKSTORE Objective 5
The bookstore will work to improve customer services skills of current staff and provide training for current and future staff as necessary.
CAFE Objective 4
The cafe will work to improve customer services skills of current staff and provide training for current and future staff as necessary.