Institutional Long-Range Goal 1
The College will expand instruction and services to meet the needs of the entire district.
Objective 1.1
The college will enhance learner access and the educational environment by making available a balanced mix of programs, courses and services at three campus locations beginning fall term 2003.
Objective 1.2
By the year 2006-07, the college will have an enrollment of approximately 5200 FTE, reflecting a projected annual growth rate of 3% to 4%, serving an unduplicated head count of nearly 20,000 students.
Objective 1.3
The college will have successfully implemented the redesigned support systems to improve the quality of service for RCC students and programs by June 2004.
College Services Objective 1
The Rogue Central staff will begin their cross training in the financial aid, enrollment, cashiering and gateway functions and be prepared to serve students at three campuses by January 2004. By July 2004, information ‘Welcome Centers’ will be established at each campus to serve as an access point to informational services for students, staff and community members. Planning for ‘My Rogue’ interactive, customizable home page for each student that connects instructors, students and programs in web-based learning communities featuring many of the services available from Rogue Central will begin in January 2004.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (10/10)
This Objective should have been three separate objectives. The employee cross-training was extremely successful resulting in kudos from students and staff. The biggest obstacle with the Welcome Centers is staffing, but we are temporarily using student help. We were not realistic in our expectations to accomplish all of the Rogue Central objectives within one year. The planning for the 'My Rogue' home page took a back seat to cross-training and Welcome Center planning. Function managers shifted their technology focus to training and documenting RogueNet systems with Blue Mountain.
Assessment Tools Used:
Employee evaluations were used to assess Rogue Central cross-training. A Welcome Center has been established at RWC and one is being planned at RVC.
By May 2004, Support Services will advise and assist with Rogue Central staff training on the access needs of students with disabilities.
College Services Objective 2
Efficient and secure policies and procedures for handling and delivering cash received at all campus locations will be developed and implemented in conjunction with the opening of the Table Rock Campus.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
The RCC Mail Courier is transporting the cash between campus locations and the bank. The cash is sealed in a special tamper resistant bag. Rogue central specialists received training and a manual on cash handling procedures during training in July 2003. Ongoing training is scheduled to take place on a quarterly basis.
Assessment Tools Used:
Cash is being delivered to the bank safely and securely each day. Policies and procedures for the handling of cash have been distributed to Rogue Central Specialists.
To aid and assist in the proper routing of cash recived by the department for coustomer work into the college system
College Services Objective 3
An efficient system of moving people and materials between RCC locations will be developed and implemented as resources allow. A phased implementation schedule will be developed during the summer of ’03 with a planned completion by fall ’04.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (5/10)
Daily mail service is operational between all RCC locations except TRC which will be added later this summer after a review of current mail sites. A college car is currently available for staff to use for college business. Van service between RCC locations was determined to not be cost effective at this time.
Assessment Tools Used:
This is still a work in process. We have tracked the number of items delivered to Medford locations in May and are reviewing this data. We have researched rental costs for van service between locations.
College Services Objective 4
By December 2003, the College will customize the “HR Perspective” system, and train staff to use the system to its capacity in order to achieve greater efficiency and consistency in the HR process.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
The HR Perspective System has been updated to fit the new campus structure, and to begin to utilize more of the system's benefits and streamline HR processes and contribute to greater consistency in information. The HR staff have received ongoing training on the use of the HR Perspective system.
Assessment Tools Used:
Whether or not the HR Perspective System has been updated, and staff have been trained
College Services Objective 5
By December 2003, the College will add an online staff portal that links to the “HR Perspective” system, which will enable staff to view their personal information and make demographic changes online.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (5/10)
What remains is inputting benefits information in HR perspective to allow that data to be accessible through the benefits module in Self Service. The other modules are finished and have been reviewed by some of the team members.
Assessment Tools Used:
This is still a work in process and expected to be online by fall 2004.
College Services Objective 6
The College will consolidate HR functions into one department and location by December 2003.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
HR Department functions have been consolidated into one department and location on the Redwood Campus "M" Bldg in order to better serve the RCC community.
Assessment Tools Used:
Location of the HR department has moved.
College Services Objective 7
The HR Department will establish and begin following a schedule for HR personnel to be rotated to all campus locations in order to provide more accessible service to staff.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Once per week and on paydays an HR representative is located on the Riverside Campus.
Assessment Tools Used:
HR coverage is being provided at the Riverside campus on a regular basis.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 2
The college will have a stable financial base consisting of varied sources of funding.
Objective 2.1
The college will continue to research best practices and coordinate activities across the district to generate additional funding.
Objective 2.2
The college will develop and implement an annual integrated fund development plan in response to changing financial realities.
Objective 2.3
RCC's financial planning and budgeting processes will be ongoing, realistic and strategically guided by the mission and goals of the college. The scope and diversity of programs and services as well as the number and diversity of students will be considered when making budgetary decisions.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 3
The College will develop and maintain appropriate facilities throughout the district based on the institutional facilities master plan.
Objective 3.1
The college will create an updated integrated institutional facility master plan for short-term and long-term growth that includes facilities plans for three major campuses.
Objective 3.2
The system-wide plan will include comprehensive policies, procedures and budgets for facilities maintenance, equipment upgrades/replacement, institutional technology infrastructure and capital improvements.
College Services Objective 8
By July 2004, the college will develop a written document that outlines comprehensive policies, procedures, and budgets for equipment replacement across the district, satisfying Recommendations of the Commission on Colleges Accreditation regarding Standards 5.C and 8.B.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (6/10)
The college implemented a $4 tech fee that has been set aside for computer replacement and general equipment replacement. A committee was formed for each type of equipment replacement. These committees determine how the money will be spent and have documentation to that effect. The committees still need to work on finalizing there policies and put together a manual on processes.
Assessment Tools Used:
Assessment tools include written documents that outline policies, procedures and budges for equipment replacement.
College Services Objective 9
By July 2004, the College will develop comprehensive district-wide facilities maintenance policies.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (0/10)
This objective was negated by the ongoing implementation of objective 10.
Assessment Tools Used:
College Services Objective 10
By July 2004, the College will develop a comprehensive district-wide facilities maintenance schedule for buildings and grounds.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (8/10)
This objective is being met through the ongoing implementation of the MicroMain 2000 preventive maintenance program. The database is being populated with informational and technical data for all district equipment maintained by the Facilities department. The database currently contains information and maintenance schedules for 402 items. Our estimated completion date for collection, entry and maintenance scheduling of all current district equipment is FY 06-07.
Assessment Tools Used:
MicroMain 2000 preventive maintenance program.
Objective 3.3
The institutional facilities master plan will address both external and internal elements to create safe, comfortable environmentally friendly, state of the art campuses.
College Services Objective 11
The College will prepare a capital plan and capital budget which will be approved by the RCC Executive Team on an annual basis.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (7/10)
A significant amount of work has been completed by each campus and College Services in regards to capital plans and budgets. The most documented is the Table Rock Campus. A facility plan is in place, budget has been established and funding partially established. Work is continuing on acquiring additional financing. Riverside campus has begun the process of evaluating a joint building with SOU, as well as identifying additional buildings to purchase within the RCC footprint. Funding has been received for an initial phase of a child care center in partnership with Headstart on the Redwood Campus as well as an analysis of a potential Technology Park done in partnership with the City of Grants Pass.
Assessment Tools Used:
Assessment tools include a documented capital plan and capital budget.
College Services Objective 12
The College will increase staff awareness regarding the new Emergency Response Plan.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (2/10)
Most employees are aware of the existence of an Emergency Response Plan. However, too few know where it is or how to find it. Many confuse it with the smaller condensed versions located at the building exits. New hires are informed that it is located at the RCC Safety homepage along with the required testing for Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communications. All three Safety Committees are brainstorming ways to successfully promote, increased staff awareness.
Assessment Tools Used:
A safety committee survey of employee awareness.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 4
Beyond campus-based programs, the college will expand learning services to meet a variety of expressed needs to help build, strengthen, and enrich the diverse communities Rogue serves.
Objective 4.1
The college will better serve all of its community by refocusing non-traditional scheduling of course and program offerings, including night, weekend, and distributed delivery.
Objective 4.2
The college will implement at each campus at least one new Learning Community, integrating academic and support services.
Objective 4.3
The college will establish one or more mechanisms to identify community needs and interests and provide appropriate learning opportunities.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 5
The college will align its priorities to continually provide quality programs, services, and affordable access.
Objective 5.1
The college will consolidate the delivery of services and instruction for students and staff that maintains institutional standards while honoring campus needs.
College Services Objective 13
The College Systems Team will develop a college council to provide a vehicle for improved collaboration and efficiency in marketing and community relations efforts across the district.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (10/10)
The marketing council spent considerable time developing a communications plan with strategies; sending a questionnaire to each campus/area soliciting feedback and working as a group to determine better ways of marketing and communicating campus-wide.
Assessment Tools Used:
1. A campus-wide marketing council was formed and a marketing and communications plan was developed before the new fiscal year. 2. The schedule of classes will be put back into the local paper and the consequences monitored on enrollment. 3. Target messages/advertisements to specific audiences i.e., HS students, specific programs, financial aid/waivers, through development of brochures, paid advertisements and links off the web site by summer/fall term 4. Solicitation of public feedback through the student survey, web site feedback form, staff comments was assessed. 5. Input was solicited from all college councils regarding how to plan for fall inservice was via a questionnaire that was distributed by the marketing council. 6. Marketing council had each member report back from their area/campus three things RCC was doing well and three things that could be done better with regard to communication and marketing campus-wide.
Marketing and Community Relations will participate in the development and implementation of a college marketing council.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (7/10)
Marketing and Community Relations staff served on the president’s Institutional Advancement Team, whose mission is to develop resources and move the college forward as a leader in education and workforce development, as well as to strengthen the college regionally and statewide. Marketing’s role in the IAT will include communicating with various groups (legislators, municipal leaders, business and industry, etc.). Although AIT has developed a strategic plan, it has implemented few of its strategies. The Marketing and Community Relations staff worked with the RCC Foundation to develop marketing materials, including upgrading existing publications and planning for an annual report. Foundation news also is included regularly in the community newsletter Rogue Matters. Rogue Matters is mailed to approximately 1,400 individuals and businesses in the Rogue Valley. Community Relations regularly updates the list and is working with campus leadership teams to include advisory committee members. The director of Marketing and Community Relations serves on the Legislative Committee and has been briefed by Oregon Community College Association representatives on the 2004 Campus Action Plan for the next Legislative session. The plan is basically a campaign to address the issues community colleges will face in the 2005 Legislative session. It serves as a tool for community colleges to meet and interact with candidates during the interim. The director of Marketing and Community Relations is a member and president of the Oregon Council for Marketing and Public Relations. OCMPR works independently as well as with the Oregon Community College Association, the Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development, and the Oregon Community College presidents to communicate the community college message to the Oregon Legislature.
Assessment Tools Used:
Marketing and Community Relations staff: • Served on the president’s Institutional Advancement Team, • Worked with the RCC Foundation to develop new methods for communicating with donors, • Continued to expand the data base for the community newsletter Rogue Matters, • Worked with Legislative Committee to maintain and improve relations with state legislators • Served on Oregon Council for Marketing and Public Relations
Extent of Accomplishments:
Institutional Advancement Team, under the direction of the new college president, will likely implement some of its strategies, and Marketing and Community Relations will respond accordingly by communicating and maintaining relationships with external publics. Community Relations also will continue to refine and expand its mailing list for Rogue Matters. Staff also will work with the Legislative Committee to implement the 2004 Campus Action Plan. Further, the Marketing Council is proposing the development of a “speakers’ bureau” in 2004-05 that would see college officials, instructors, and students making guest appearance at various service clubs and organizations, as well as on radio/TV talk shows. The objective is to better familiarize district patrons with college programs and activities, as well as to develop “advocates” for the college.
Objective 5.2
The college will strengthen its planning, implementation and assessment processes in a manner leading to a successful accreditation visit in fall 2003.
Objective 5.3
The college will formulate a hybrid system combining the current horizontal budget process and a new vertical budget process in order to best meet the needs of a multi-campus college.
College Services Objective 14
By July 2004, the college will develop hybrid budget planning processes and procedures that combine the current horizontal budget process and a new vertical budget process, meeting the needs of a multi-campus college.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (9/10)
We have set up the budget and authorization to confirm with the new matrix managment structure. We will now be testing it during the new budget year.
Assessment Tools Used:
The reorganization of the budget and authorization.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 6
The college will increase its efforts to recognize and serve a more diverse community.
Objective 6.1
The college will strengthen its target marketing efforts to address distinct populations.
Objective 6.2
Each RCC campus will celebrate at least one annual signature event reflecting the diverse nature of the community.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 7
The college will develop and maintain strong collaborative partnerships within its external communities.
Objective 7.1
The college will continue to build relationships with its partners to advance mutually beneficial efforts.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 8
The College will strengthen its communication and participatory decision-making processes with its internal communities of staff and students.
Objective 8.1
There will be a clearly identified organizational leadership structure that delineates roles and levels of accountability in order to assure consistency and efficiency in delivering the college's services and fulfilling its mission.
College Services Objective 15
RCC I/T functions will be reorganized in 2003/04, combining Administrative and Instructional computing, to facilitate superior service to all 3 major campuses without additional staff resources.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (7/10)
Cross-training is ongoing and roles are still being defined to improve communication within the IT sphere.
Assessment Tools Used:
We have received positive responses from clients and via staff survey. In addition, the Asset Navigator ticket tracking program has allowed us to measure responses and resolutions to help desk tickets.
Objective 8.2
Technology will be used to provide efficient access to communication and participatory decision-making processes.
College Services Objective 20
In response to the Student Satisfaction Survey. Enrollment Services will design an online registration satisfaction survey by January 2004.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (0/10)
Assessment Tools Used:
An online registration satisfaction survey was not designed by January 2004.
Objective 8.3
The college will organize councils, committees, and working teams with staff and student representation to improve institutional collaboration and decision-making across locations and functions.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 9
The college will increase efforts to enrich student life, the learning environment, and foster individual responsibility and mutual respect.
Objective 9.1
The safety, security, and dignity of all students will be of the highest priority at all college locations.
Objective 9.2
The college will continue planning and implementation efforts designed to enhance delivery of social, cultural, co-curricular, recreational, community service, and campus government involvement.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 10
The college will increase efforts to provide quality alternative access and learning opportunities.
Objective 10.1
The college will provide sufficient information technology infrastructure services at all sites.
College Services Objective 16
RCC I/T will develop in 2003/04, with the assistance of consultants, a technology infrastructure plan for campuses and buildings that will accommodate foreseeable campus/building growth and changes in technology.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Partially Met (7/10)
The IT3 committee was formed and has addressed matters of network hardware and software infrastructure improvements.
Assessment Tools Used:
The meetings are a work in progress and decisions made will be implemented at the beginning of summer 2004-05.
College Services Objective 17
The information technology infrastructure plan will be implemented in 2003/04 at TRC during the remodel phase.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Not Met (5/10)
A consultant has been hired and is in the process of drafting a plan for implementation of a cohesive network infrastructure.
Assessment Tools Used:
This objective is still in process; meetings and revised plans show forward motion toward the goal.
College Services Objective 18
RCC will implement 100MBs data lines between all 3 major campuses in 2003/04; replace existing T-1 data lines.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
Exceptional, we were able to upgrade to gigabit pipes instead of just 100MB's along with an upgrade of our Internet connection from 3MB's to 5MB's.
Assessment Tools Used:
Contracts are signed and lines are being pulled. The connections will be up by June 25, 2004.
Objective 10.2
Each campus will work collaboratively with other campus teams to expand alternative delivery offerings.
Institutional Long-Range Goal 11
The college will strengthen and develop the quality of its staff and faculty as well as foster a safe, humane, and supportive working and learning environment.
Objective 11.1
The college will work to enrich its institutional and campus culture and identity focusing on RCC's hallmarks and values.
College Services Objective 19
The HR Department will work with the Faculty and Staff Training and Development Council in an ongoing process to identify training topics relevant to staff, so that HR can arrange to provide those trainings.
Accomplishment Extent: Objective Met (10/10)
HR Department representatives are on the Faculty and Staff Training and Development Council and have worked with them to help provide a training on Customer Service at inservice. A Workers' Comp workshop was provided for supervisors and secretaries. A Health Risk Analysis was offered for staff participation along with workshops based around various health topics. Plans are being worked on to continue to provide appropriate ongoing training to staff.
Assessment Tools Used:
Trainings have been provided.
Objective 11.2
The college will continue to strengthen its welcoming environment in order to retain and recruit high quality staff and faculty.