Divisional Strategic Initiatives 2000-01

Division: Human Resources & College Advancement

Activity: College Events

Despite fiscal restraints, the goals related to this activity mirror those of 
community relations:

#1) To understand and serve the needs of Rogue Community College customers
#2) To work effectively within the department and with colleagues
#3) To reflect the diversity of RCC students and the community in college events
#4) To improve the effectiveness of college events
The Community Relations Team will:

*Collaborate with appropriate organizations to improve the diversity in college 

*Promote and support at least four events related to cultural diversity

*Collaborate in the development of a marketing and communications plan

*Develop and maintain an annual calendar of college and community events

*Develop and implement at least three processes that will encourage and 
facilitate other departments to share information

*Contribute to a dynamic and attractive college Website

Activity: Community Relations

#1. As Rogue moves toward a larger, more diverse college with major campuses in 
Grants Pass, Medford, and White City, and as RCC increases its commitment to 
regional business, workforce development, and to its educational partners — SOU 
and OIT—the Community Relations team major goal is to understand and serve the 
needs of its customers.

#2. A larger district with divergent campuses increases the need for effective, 
efficient internal communication. To this end, Community Relations second goal 
is to work effectively within its department and with colleagues.

#3. Rogue has a commitment to becoming a multicultural institution through 
recruitment of faculty, staff and students, as well as through integrating 
diversity in its academics and activities. Community Relations addresses this 
institutional goal by reflecting the diversity of RCC students and the 
community in college publications, marketing, and events.

#4 In an effort to "grow the college," support efforts to increase FTE, and 
promote alternative access delivery, the Community Relations team aims to 
improve the effectiveness of college marketing efforts and events.
The CR team will:

*strengthen its understanding of customers' needs by developing at least three 
new processes for the exchange of information within the next two years;

*provide at least three new promotional tools supporting partnerships with SOU 
and OIT;

*Support a major capital campaign to develop a technical training center in 
White City;

*Increase by 25 percent the promotion of the Medford Campus regarding growth, 
activities, and programs;

*Develop and implement at least three processes within the next year that will 
encourage and facilitate other departments to share information;

*Contribute to a dynamic and attractive college Website;

*Research and collaborate with appropriate organizations to improve diversity 
in college publications and events;

*Develop at least three multi-lingual communications pieces within the next 

*Promote at least four events related to cultural diversity in 2000-01;

*Collaborate in the development of a marketing and communications plan, with a 
draft to be presented by September 2000;

*Market alternative access to classes via distance education, weekend classes, 
and evening programs, beginning summer 2000;

*Communicate the availability of new registration technologies, beginning 
summer 2000;

*Maintain the highest standards of artistic design, composition and writing;

*Design and distribute by July 1,2000, a newsletter written specifically for 
the community and targeted to college partners.

Activity: Human Resources

#1. With the growth of the college to a total of 338 employees, plus part-time 
faculty, the need for appropriate support staff has been identified as a goal 
of the college. The Human Resources department proposes to add to its service 
an employee benefits function which would assist faculty and staff in all 
aspects of employee benefits at the college. This would include information 
about benefit eligibility and options, leave tracking, handling of workers? 
compensation claims (and return to work for injured staff), and other benefits 
provided to college employees.

#2. The use of technology to provide administrative services is a goal of the 
HR department as well as the entire college. Further development of the college 
intranet for HR will benefit other departments at the college in 2000-01.

#3. Professional growth, development, and training are increasingly important 
for all college staff in the midst of rapid technological, organizational, and 
regulatory changes. Human Resources will initiate and participate in existing 
and new professional development efforts and seek ways to recognize and reward 
professional development activities of college faculty and staff.

#4. Establish a new and enlarged Human Resources facility to better serve the 
two-county college and community.

#5. Improve customer service by developing appropriate assessment instruments 
and by seeking customer feedback.
To achieve these goals, the Human Resources department will:

1.1 Develop a position budget proposal by October, 2000 for review at PC

1.2 Demonstrate the value of having a benefits person

2.1 Continue development of the HR website

2.2 Continue to update and maintain online access to HR procedures and policies 
for use by college staff through intranet access (see Goal 5)

2.3 Continue development of new-employee orientation process

3.1 Continue to participate actively in the Staff Development committee

3.2 Provide information regarding staff to the LOG and other appropriate 
communications devices

4.1 Determine total size and configuration needed for a full-service HR 
department by December 2000

4.2 Identify appropriate site and develop a plan for relocation of HR department

4.3 Establish an easily accessible HR Service Center in Jackson County

5.1 Survey new employees about HR functions

5.2 Develop an on-line HR suggestion box

5.3 Develop and provide a "How-did-we-do?" card

Activity: Office of Diversity

In response to the Institutional Goal related to diversity, the Diversity 
budget will support objectives and activity within three major goal areas

#1. Outreach to the multicultural communities of southern Oregon and student 
retention will continue to be a high priority for funded activity,

#2. Curriculum development and resource acquisition related to topics of 
diversity will also receive funding.

#3. Staff training and development related to diversity awareness and 
sensitivity to others will continue as a theme for workshops and seminars at 
the college.
*Develop a multicultural student center in Medford

*Prepare an appropriate BI-lingual statement for the college catalog and 
schedule of classes

*Continue discussions about establishing an Oregon Leadership Institute at RCC

*Increase contacts with student organizations in the public schools, such as 
the Latino Club at Eagle Point High School

*Include the adopted diversity statement on all college course syllabi

*Make contact with the Talent Elementary School officials who have established 
Los Puentes (Bridges) to create an atmosphere that is perceived as a safe 
environment and to treat everyone with dignity and respect

*Continuing development of the diversity resource library and diversity 
holdings for the RCC library