Divisional Strategic Initiatives 2000-01

Division: Developmental Studies

Activity: ABE / GED®

Expand basic skills educational opportunities in the two county region by 
providing 22 new FTE through expanding current offerings; adding new programs, 
classes, and labs; implementing transitional programs and services; and 
partnering with agencies, businesses, and industries to offer basic workplace 
1.1  Increase basic skills program offerings in family literacy, basic computer 
literacy, and workplace-oriented skills to generate an additional 7 FTE over 
1999/00 levels.  

1.2  Increase the number of new outreach learning classes to generate an 
additional 9 FTE above the 1999-00 level.  

1.3  By October 2000 implement a transitional class for students moving from 
GED® to DE classes.  

1.4  Collaborate with BCLS and Skill Center to expand use of the WorkKeys 
system in learning centers.

1.5  By December 2000 complete basic skills program analysis using the 
Indicators of Performance Quality document in preparation for the State 
evaluation February 2001.

1.6  By Winter 2001 increase Fir Street Learning Center classroom capacity to 
generate an additional 8 FTE.

1.7  Collaborate with one business to implement an on site workplace learning 
center by Winter 2001.

1.8  Collaborate with an additional high school in Jackson County to offer a 
drop out recovery program by Winter 2001.

1.9  Schedule support services (ADA) and counseling staff a minimum of four 
hours per week at Fir Street Learning Center, Market Street Learning Center, 
and Redwood Campus Learning Center by July 2001.  

Activity: Administration

1.  Develop an effective and efficient divisional organizational system to 
provide oversight and coordination needed to achieve the division's goals and 

2.  Support hiring and developing well-qualified staff for the division.
1.1  Establish a divisional management team and other departmental teams as a 
means of coordinating divisional programs and services, improving communication 
and participatory decision-making, collaborating with other RCC divisions, and 
partnering with outside agencies.

1.2  Divisional management and departmental teams meet regularly each term to 
plan, resolve problems, and seek new opportunites regarding Adult Basic 
Education, Developmental Education, and Assistive Support Services programs and 

1.3  Support divisional efforts to expand and improve basic workplace skill 
offerings, including support to WIA Title I and Title II implementation, 
developing increased service capacity and developing targeting basic workplace 

1.4  Support efforts to pursue additional funding by developing testing fee for 
outside agencies by Fall 2000.

1.5  By October 2000, hold at least two divisional half-day retreats to conduct 
a unit self-study that reflects the new divisional organization and goals.

1.6  By January 2001, revise all divisional information, including web site, 
catalog, time schedules, and informational flyers to reflect changes in 
management personnel.

1.7  By Spring 2001, develop a divisional manager's handbook that will show 
current operating guidelines consistent with the contracts in the areas of 
faculty and classified evaluation, budgeting, and cirriculum and staff 

1.8  Collaborate with SOREC partners to revise JOBS services in adult basic 
skills learning centers by Spring 2001 term.

2.1  Strengthen quality of staff across two counties by implementing an 
extensive staff development system based upon the new faculty and classified 
evaluation processes.

2.2  Hold at least one classified meeting per term to continue training on 
organizational and procedural issues of TOPS system.

2.3  By Winter 2001, all full time faculty will be trained to advise.

2.4  By Spring 2001, develop an online or computer disc orientation program for 
basic skills faculty.

2.5  By June 2001, 75% of faculty will have participated in the RCC new faculty 
orientation program, regional or state designed trainings, and/or local 

Activity: Developmental Education

1.  Increase developmental education program offerings in classes and tutoring, 
particularly in Jackson County, to generate an additional 32 FTE over 1999/00 
1.1  Increase FTE by 12 FTE over 1999/00 levels in DE classes.  

1.2  Expand the weekly hours and staffing at Riverside Center Tutoring Center 
to delivery 16 FTE over 1999/00 level.  

1.3  Offer at least one DE class over the Internet by September 2000 and a 
second class by Spring 2001.  

1.4  By Fall 2000 coordinate with the Math Department and Humanities Writing 
program on completing the set up for tutoring center computer labs at Riverside 
Center and Redwood Campus for skill enhancement in math and writing.

1.5  By Fall 2000 increase classified staffing levels at Riverside Center and 
Redwood Campus to cover all hours of student testing.

1.6  If TRIO grant is funded, collaborate with Student Services during this 
year to develop a plan to train and supervise student peer tutors beginning 
Summer 2001 term.

Activity: Support Services

Assure the necessary infrastructure to deliver services to increased number of 
students needing accommodations and other supportive services in the two county 
1.1  Add a .5 FTE Jackson County Adaptive Lab Specialist at Riverside Center by 
Spring 2001.  

1.2  Increase .5 FTE Part Time Jackson County Support Services Advisor to Full 
Time faculty by June 2001.  

1.3  Increase clerical support to Jackson County Support Services office 
from .5 clerical to 1.0 FTE by June 2001.  

1.4  Increase general fund commitment to the Support Service budget with a 
corresponding reduction of Carl Perkins grant budget allotment by at least 20% 
for the 2001-02 year.  

1.5  By June 2001 add a FT Josephine County Support Services Advisor position 
to allow for 100% of the Support Services Coordinator's workload for 
coordination and administration activities.