Divisional Strategic Initiatives 2000-01

Division: Administrative Services

Activity: Administration / Purchasing / District

No goals/objectives for this activity

Activity: Bookstore

*Improve and maintain a web-based textbook ordering system to accommodate the 
increase in students purchasing textbooks. (Assumptions #1, #8, #10)
*Increase services at Riverside campus bookstore closer to the level available 
at the Redwood campus bookstore as growth continues in Jackson County. 
(Assumptions #1, #2, #8)
*Coordinate web based book ordering with course registration to allow students 
to register and orders books at the same time. (Assumption #8, #10)
*Improve customer service and inventory tracking with a point-of-sale system to 
allow book scanning at time of purchase and automatic inventory counts. 
(Assumption #1, #8)
*10% of sales using web based textbook ordering with shipping and reserve 
capabilities would decrease long lines in both bookstores.
*Part-time bookstore clerk added to accommodate the needs of the increased 
student population at the Riverside bookstore.
*Increase size of Riverside bookstore by 50%. Current area at Riverside campus 
is 556sq. ft. serving 2000 FTE and 2400 sq. ft. at Redwood campus serving 2000 
*Implement an electronic point-of-sale system by Fall term which would allow 
instant inventory tracking, faster customer check-out lines, scanning of 
merchandise, and more accurate sales.

Activity: Business Services

ˇ Expand student payment options to facilitate student retention in support of 
FTE assumptions (Assumptions 1 and 5).
ˇ Take a more active role in the budget process, as defined by the strategic 
plan and the budget DTF, through the provision of timely and accurate resource 
and expenditure forecasts (Assumption 8).
ˇ Make materials available in Spanish to support a more diverse student 
population. Also, utilize Spanish-speaking staff within Business Services for 
community outreach and student support (Assumption 5).
ˇ Re-establish regular meetings with SOU staff in support of service provision 
for our dual enrolled students (Assumption 7).
ˇ Expand business services available at the RCC site in White City (Assumption 
ˇ Eliminate drop for non-payment and manage student credit line policy to the 
benefit of all students.
ˇ Encourage the use of web-based payment capabilities so that 20% of students 
are using this payment method.
ˇ Resource and expenditure forecasts accurate within 3%.
ˇ Spanish-speaking staff to attend at least two meetings in support of Hispanic 
outreach especially focusing on explaining payment options to potential 
ˇ Have one meeting per quarter for SOU and RCC business services staff.
ˇ Add payroll and accounts payable services at the WTC by increased utilization 
of half-time staff added this year.

Activity: Cafeteria

*Maintain low prices and affordability at Redwood campus cafeteria even while 
salary costs continue to rise due to mandated increases. (Assumption #10)
*Acknowledge the continued diversity of the student population and review menu 
selections as needed to accommodate all customers at the Redwood campus 
cafeteria. (Assumptions # 5, #10)
*Obtain improved vending services to better serve students and staff at the 
Riverside campus. (Assumptions #1, #10)
*Provide easy accessibility to computers and the internet by setting aside an 
area in the cafeteria for a cyber café. (Assumptions #8, #10)
*Double vending availability and selection at Riverside campus.
*Use surveys as a tool to find out what customers want.
*Change menu items to reflect changing seasons and customers’ wants.

Activity: Childcare

*Maintain a quality affordable service providing developmental and educational 
enrichment to the children of students and staff. (Assumption #10)
*Increase the usage of the childcare center during the afternoons between 2pm 
and 5pm. (Assumption #5)
*Have an informative video about the RCC Childcare center for new incoming 
parents. (Assumption # 5, #10)
*Increase by 20% the number of children who use the childcare facilities in the 
*Create a pool of qualified volunteers to work at the childcare facility to 
help maintain the current quality of childcare provided.
*Create video showing a normal day at the childcare center by fall term.

Activity: Computer Services

ˇ Install and maintain RogueNet services at all current, new, and expanded RCC 
locations. (Assumptions #2, #3)
ˇ Assist in the intake and processing of increased FTE through upgrades of 
current administrative software packages and development/implementation of new 
systems. (Assumption #1)
ˇ Assist in the smooth delivery of administrative functions and services. 
(Assumption #8)
ˇ Meet Institutional Research needs to ensure departments have fast and 
accurate access to needed information. (Assumptions #1, #5, #8)
ˇ Maintain security of RCC data stored in RogueNet servers. (Assumption #8)
ˇ Maintain 99.9% RogueNet uptime 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days 
per year.
ˇ Contract for a security audit and implement the appropriate recommendations 
within budget limitations.
ˇ Contract for a network performance and design audit to evaluate and improve 
network performance at all RCC locations and implement the appropriate 
recommendations within budget limitations.
ˇ Work in collaboration with appropriate departments to implement needed 
application software, such as online advising, telephone registration, and 
internet registration by Fall Term.
ˇ Complete needed upgrades of in-house developed application software within an 
average of one week of request.
ˇ Install network and telephone services at Wards Bldg, including all hardware 
connectivity needs to each desktop (wiring, faceplates, hubs, switches, racks, 
etc.), system connectivity needs for each user (user accounts, email accounts, 
WinFrame setups, etc.), and telephone services (switch, wiring, faceplates, 
ˇ Work in collaboration with appropriate departments to implement a bookstore 
point-of-sale (POS) system linked with Accounts Receivable and Financial Aid 
within three months of purchase and within budget limitations.
ˇ Create access to institutional demographic information on RCC webpage.
ˇ Meet increased requests for data analysis and research by hiring a researcher.

Activity: Internet

* Develop tools, utilities, and access to student and staff resource needs via 
the RCC Web. (Assumptions No. 1, 9, 11)
* Use the web in the development of a stronger partnership with Southern Oregon 
University and OIT (Assupmtion No. 7).
* Provide employment resources for students and business (Assumptions No. 9).
* Develop and expand web site to include a more diverse student population 
(Assupmtion No. 5).
* Develop on-line registration to be in place fall term 2000.
* Work in collaboration with SOU and OIT in the development of the web as a 
marketing tool for fall term.
* Work in collaboration with businesses in expansion and development of a 
college/community job database to assist employers and students.
* Improve web site usability and functionality through review of web reports 
and usability study.
* Work in collaboration with departments in the development of 
applications/tools to increase efficiency.
* Develop web access to student information on how to get started at RCC for 
Hispanic population.
* Maintain and expand the ADA web site to accommodate a more diverse student 
* Collaborate with departments to implement room scheduling software on the web 
site within budget limitations.
* Collaborate with departments to develop and implement web-based class 
syllabus/outline software.
* Collaborate with administrative departments to develop and implement staff 
database and web-based tools to increase efficiency.

Activity: Plant Services

*Provide efficient cleanliness, repair, and preventative maintenance for the 
College, so we can be effective long-term caretakers of RCC. (Assumption # 1 
and # 2 - maintain additional facilities with increase in FTE).
*Regularly maintain the grounds to enhance the appearance of RCC while reducing 
or eliminating hazard areas. (Assumption # 8 - efficient use of resources for 
preventive maintenance of grounds).
*Utilize technology to enhance quality and/or reduce labor hours where it is 
cost effective. (Assumption #1 and #2 - utilize time saving devices to 
accommodate the additional facilities and increased FTE with minimal staff).
*Provide a safe environment for students, faculty and staff. (Assumption #5 - 
access demands and needs for a more diverse student body).
*Renovate existing space as needed to most effectively utilize space for 
additional faculty and staff. (Assumption #1 and #2 - provide usable space for 
added faculty and staff for serving the increased FTE).
*Reduce average start to completion time of non-critical work orders by 25%. 
*Provide one full-time maintenance worker, which will assist in the increased 
demands of building maintenance at RVC. (Note: The number of work orders in 
Jackson County has increased from 2% to 33% of total Plant Services work orders 
in the past three years, with no increase in maintenance staff).
*Provide an environment of safety to staff and students by detailing an 
emergency response plan on the college website.
*Better security response time to assist students and staff by responding to 
incidents and access to facilities at RVC. Achieved by adding full-time 
security on swing shift.
*To have the ability to perform both grounds maintenance and new landscaping, 
by adding additional staff.
*To complete, monitor, and adapt a daily and periodic cleaning schedule that is 
more complete for all buildings. Monitor progress by periodic survey.
*To implement the preventative maintenance program in at least 50% of 
facilities by end of the year.