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History of Art I (Winter 2019)

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(Full, Waitlist Available)
Distance Learning (Web Courses)
Winter 2019 lasts from Monday, January 7, 2019 to Friday, March 22, 2019
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10 out of 10 available (0 slots used)
Allows both art and non-art majors to gain skills in appreciating, understanding, and evaluating the beauty and meaning in art and life in the context of culture and evolving needs and belief systems. For art majors, a necessary foundation is laid for advanced study in studio art and art history. Students study the history of art in the context of the cultures producing them by studying selected works of painting, sculpture, architecture, and other fine arts, from prehistoric to Gothic periods. Students study the development of art in the Western tradition with reference to major periods and styles of art from the non-Western world, including art from Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific Islands. Fulfills cultural literacy requirement within the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree. May require use of the Internet and online college resources.
  • Offered as a Web-based class over the Internet. Information about Web-based classes and required orientations are at All online teachers expect students to participate in the class during the first week of the term. Check the syllabus and course orientation to find out what the teacher expects and by when. Students not participating during the first week may be subject to administrative drop.
  • Distance learning fee of $40, in addition to regular tuition, will be assessed.
  • WR115
  •   or BT113
  •   or ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Score: 95
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