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Introduction to Conflict Management: Managing Workplace Conflict (Fall 2014)

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Th6:00PM-9:00PMSBDC-2J. Holloway
Thursday, November 20, 2014
People bring their unique values, experiences, ambitions, and personalities to the workplace. This mix can often result in innovative ideas and a more flexible team environment. However, if not managed properly, it can also result in conflict, poor team morale, and poor performance. Workplace conflict, if left unchecked, can be devastating to a team or organization. Trying to eliminate conflict is futile and attempting to do so can actually be detrimental to the team. In this session we will discuss ways to accept and respect workplace conflict, look at healthy and unhealthy conflict, and work to maximize its benefits while minimizing its negative effects. Class held at the Small Business Development Center, Room 2.
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