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Community Education
Foreign and Sign Language

Summer 2017

Foreign and Sign Languagetop
American Sign Language I (ASL) - Beginning (7/13/17-8/31/17)StaffHEC-216Th4:30PM - 6:20PM$69
American Sign Language II (ASL) - Intermediate (7/13/17-8/31/17)StaffHEC-216Th6:30PM - 8:20PM$69
Spanish Conversation - Level IV (7/12/17-8/30/17)V. DavilaHEC-219W6:00PM - 7:50PM$69
Spanish I - Beginning (7/10/17-8/28/17)V. DavilaHEC-216M6:00PM - 7:50PM$69
Spanish II - Beginning Plus (7/11/17-8/29/17)V. DavilaHEC-216Tu6:00PM - 7:50PM$69
Spanish III - Intermediate (7/13/17-8/31/17)V. DavilaHEC-219Th6:00PM - 7:50PM$69

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