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Community Education
Foreign and Sign Language

Spring 2017

Foreign and Sign Languagetop
Grants Pass
American Sign Language I (ASL) - Beginning (4/4/17-6/6/17)G. GarretsonRWC-I4Tu4:30PM - 5:50PM$69
American Sign Language II (ASL) - Intermediate (4/4/17-6/6/17)G. GarretsonRWC-I4Tu6:00PM - 7:20PM$69
Beginning Italian (4/11/17-5/16/17)B. RountreeHEC-309Tu6:00PM - 7:20PM$79
Spanish Conversation - Level IV (4/5/17-6/7/17)V. DavilaRVC-B14W6:00PM - 7:20PM$69
Spanish I - Beginning (4/6/17-6/8/17)V. DavilaHEC-217Th6:00PM - 7:20PM$69
Spanish I - Beginning (4/3/17-6/12/17)V. DavilaRVC-B14M6:00PM - 7:20PM$69
Spanish II - Beginning (4/4/17-6/6/17)V. DavilaHEC-322Tu6:00PM - 7:20PM$69

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