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Community Education

Fall 2017

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*NEW* Beginning Drawing (9/30/17-11/11/17)T. RegottiRWC-T2S10:00AM - 12:50PM$69
Jewelry & Metalsmithing for Fun - Beginning (9/26/17-11/28/17)D. BussellRWC-D3Tu6:00PM - 7:50PM$109
Jewelry & Metalsmithing for Fun - Intermediate (9/28/17-12/7/17)D. BussellRWC-D3Th6:00PM - 7:50PM$109
Pottery (9/25/17-12/6/17)J. EufusiaEBEC-3/4M W3:00PM - 4:50PM$139
Pottery (9/25/17-12/6/17)J. EufusiaEBEC-3/4M W6:00PM - 7:50PM$139
*NEW* Animation Layout and Perspective (9/28/17-12/7/17)P. YoungHEC-212Th6:00PM - 7:50PM$69
*NEW* Beginning Drawing (9/28/17-11/9/17)T. RegottiHEC-211Th6:00PM - 8:50PM$69
Drawing for Comics and Sequential Art (9/27/17-12/6/17)D. McConachieHEC-222W6:00PM - 8:50PM$69
Drawing with Color Pencils (9/27/17-11/8/17)T. RegottiHEC-225W6:00PM - 8:50PM$69
Introduction to Digital Photography (9/29/17-12/8/17)M. CraneRVC-B16F9:00AM - 11:50AM$222
*NEW* Photoshop Basics (9/27/17-12/6/17)J. PoagueRVC-B16W6:00PM - 8:50PM$234
*NEW* Stoytelling for Animation (9/26/17-11/28/17)P. YoungHEC-212Tu6:00PM - 7:50PM$69
Watercolor / Acrylic (9/26/17-11/7/17)T. RegottiHEC-121Tu6:00PM - 8:50PM$69

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