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How to Respond to a Bomb Threat

  1. Print off and keep a copy of the Bomb Threat Call Checklist near your phone. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the form. This is especially important if your position requires you to answer a high number of external calls (Switchboard, Counseling, Facilities Coordinator, etc.).
  2. Turn off portable radios and avoid cell phone use.
  3. Notify Security immediately after any reported bomb threat, no matter how it has been communicated (phone call, note, graffiti, and word-of- mouth).
  4. If you should ever receive this type of call, fill the Bomb Threat Call Checklist out during the call if you can or as soon as you have notified Campus Security.
  5. Notify Campus Security immediately if you find items like backpacks, briefcases, or packages that appear to be unattended or left by the owner.
  6. Report any suspicious activity to security and to your supervisor.
  7. If you are unable to contact Security or are unsure of what to do call 911.
  8. Take the time to review RCC Safety and Security information on the Safety website.