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Rogue Ambassadors

Rogue AmbassadorsRogue Ambassadors (RA) is a merit scholarship that began in 2010, for high school graduates. Students selected as Rogue Ambassadors have an outstanding academic record in high school, agree to perform service hours in the community, and enroll in mandatory courses. The Rogue Ambassadors' Scholarship begins in Fall each year and pays one half of recipients' tuition (up to nine credits) in the first year following their high school graduation. If eligibility requirements are met, full tuition up to eighteen credits per term is paid in the second year. Summer term enrollment is not covered. Rogue Ambassadors are responsible for payment for their books and other college fees.

Rogue Ambassadors are looked upon as leaders and role models in class, on campus, and within the community. Rogue Ambassadors are therefore required to complete volunteer community service each year within the program. Community service jobs must serve the RCC or greater community in some way and cannot be paid positions. Students who accept a Rogue Ambassador Scholarship should meet with their advisor to plan their first term and register for RA specific classes, as established by their academic advisors.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the Rogue Ambassadors' program. Check out eligibility requirements, important dates for application, and volunteer service requirements to see what this exciting opportunity is all about!