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Matthew Orndoff

Matthew Orndoff

Scholarships help fund future pharmacist’s education

Like many students, Matthew Orndoff didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do after graduating from high school.

He enjoys chemistry and was interested in healthcare, but he wasn’t sure which field he wanted to work in. Orndoff gave himself ample time to decide, spending a few years working as a volunteer at churches, playing music and helping with youth services. He also went to Mexico as a volunteer, where he built houses for homeless families and worked at an orphanage for the mentally and physically challenged.

Those experiences made him realize how much need exists in the world and that he had a desire to help people in a practical way – but he still didn’t know exactly how to pursue his aspirations.

A hospital visit for heart-related problems helped Orndoff clarify his goals. During all the tests he underwent, the hospital staff was encouraging, supportive and sympathetic, both calming and assuring him. The experience focused Matthew on healthcare as a career, and he finally decided to pursue pharmacology because of his penchant for chemistry.

Orndoff dove into his studies at Rogue Community College, where he is majoring in chemistry and is an honor roll student. He received three scholarships totaling $1,300 from the RCC Foundation, which helped him concentrate on his schoolwork and keep his grades up.

“Scholarships are absolutely essential!” Matthew said. “Without them I never would have been able to take as many credits or focus as much on my chemistry. Last year I had to work a lot, and toward the end of the year it was affecting my grades. This year, I don’t have to work as much, and a lot of pressure has been taken off,” he explained.

“I have a heart for helping people and a respect for life in general and cannot thank the RCC Foundation enough for its support,” Orndoff continued. “I strongly desire the opportunity to pursue my goals without distractions, and scholarships have allowed for this. By allowing me to better myself and the community I serve, I know the foundation has made an investment that will be repaid many times over.”

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