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Dakota MeekerOutstanding electronics student, 19, heading for OIT

Working through the night, Dakota Meeker recently wrote three pages of intricate computer code for his class project, a temperature and humidity sensor that sends information wirelessly from the new greenhouse at Rogue Community College’s Table Rock Campus to the Electronics Technology lab.

His skill and enthusiasm for the project show why Meeker was named a 2014 Outstanding Electronics Technology student. He is graduating June 14 with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electronics Technology.

The project, part of completing his two-year degree, demonstrates programming skills and knowledge of radio frequency technology.

Meeker began his RCC studies while still a student at Eagle Point High School, an opportunity provided by the Morris Family Foundation for students from several rural high schools. Meeker has attended Rogue full time since graduating from high school last year, while also working at a local pizzeria.

“Dual enrollment was fantastic,” Meeker said. “For two years my credits were free, and now I’m graduating as a 19-year-old with a two-year degree. It’s a definite head start into electronics.” Initially, he leaned toward a career in video game design. “Then I realized I liked actual electronics better because it involves more math and science,” he said.

“RCC’s Electronics Department is great,” he added. “The instructors are very helpful and taught me a lot. They have a lot of real world experience and definitely know what they’re talking about.” The first in his family to earn a college degree, Meeker plans to transfer as a junior to Oregon Tech’s campus in Wilsonville where he will focus on electronics engineering.

“My absolute dream job would be doing system design for a privatized space exploration company,” said Meeker, adding his longtime interest in space travel comes from having grown up watching “Star Wars.”

Dave McKeen, head of the Electronics Department, said Meeker will make a very valuable addition to a company. “Dakota’s future is golden. He’s a very bright young man.”

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