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Instructor enjoys unveiling computer secrets to beginners

Billy RichardsonBilly Richardson is a self-described computer nerd who loves exploring and teaching about digital realms.

“I really take on, as my mission in life, assisting people who have no computer experience,” said Richardson, who didn’t begin his own computer adventures until he was in his late 40’s.

“I know how it is to be afraid,” he explained. “I want to help them actually enjoy computers. I love seeing that light come on in their eyes when they get past the anxiety.”

Richardson, who has been teaching beginning computer classes for 17 years, this summer will teach Computers Made Easy and Fun. The introductory class is taught on Windows operating system PCs but applies to Macintosh computers as well. Classes are scheduled 1-2:50 p.m. Wednesdays, July 18 through Aug. 8 at the RCC Riverside Campus in Medford. Cost is $59.

“I start by assuming the student knows nothing and begin with what a computer is, the parts—such as the mouse and monitor — and how to turn it on,” Richardson explained, adding that many of his students are mature adults.

“My classes are both slow in delivery and small in terms of content. Students also learn they can’t harm the computer. Just restart it and it’s back to pristine condition,” he said. “The world of computing has gotten easier to understand and more accessible,” Richardson added.

A retired RCC Adult Basic Skills instructor, Richardson will be teaching classes for Mac users next fall. Classes will focus on discovering the “secrets of Macs” and how to utilize features and personalize computers. He will also cover iPhoto and iTunes.

“I try to give students the ability to get where they want to go and understand how they got there,” he said. “Teaching computers is not work for me. I really enjoy this.

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