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RCC Faculty Senate wishes to recognize teaching and service excellence at Rogue Community College. We are establishing a series of awards and are requesting nominations from all RCC faculty, staff, and students. We want to recognize full and part time faculty. These inaugural awards will be presented at the May 9, 2014 College in-service. Please consider the following categories and send forward candidates you deem worthy of this recognition. The awards are not monetary. They are an acknowledgement of the distinctive gifts our faculty possess and share with our students and colleagues.

Award Categories:
  • Best/Promising Practices
  • Innovation
  • Student Engagement
  • Uniqueness
  • Faculty Achievement
  • Student Advocate
  • Inspiration
  • Promoting Global Awareness
  • Community Engagement & Partnership
  • Other: add category
Nomination Process:

Submit a document that lists:

  • Award Category (see above):
  • Faculty Name:
  • Discipline or Course:
  • Full or Part Time Status (if known):
  • Reasons for Nomination:

    Please write a paragraph (200-300 words) about why you are nominating the faculty member for this particular award category. Illustrate with example, personal anecdote, or other observation/evidence.

Due by April 14. Please send to Faculty Senate Co-Chairs:

Thank you for your thoughtful participation in the 2014 Inaugural Faculty Senate Awards.