Brad Ross

Alma Maters: US Army Signal Corps, Fort Gordon Georgia, Top Secret Communications Specialist, American River College, CA, (Computer Programming), Almeda University, (BA, Business Administration), Oregon Master Gardener Program (“Master Gardener”)
Starting date: January, 2004
Hometown: Fair Oaks, California

Movie: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Sport: Trout Fishing
Music:  I like everything from Muddy Waters to Deep Purple to Simon & Garfunkel to Jackson Browne to Stevie Ray Vaughn to Chris Botti to Priyanka Chopra.
Thing to do: Garden, I grow the best tomato’s, onions, garlic and peaches in Oregon !!!

Why apply to Rogue Community College:
A college degree is an investment in yourself, and your future.  Come and see us at RCC and we’ll help you get started !

Send me an email: let’s schedule an appointment and talk about your future !  

Random fact about me:
I have a huge vinyl collection from Blues to Jazz to Classical to Rock to International music which I blast frequently !