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Connecting Android Device to RCC email

This guide will help you connect your Android powered phone or tablet to your email. The screenshots in this guide are from a Samsung Galaxy S4 running version 4.3 of the Android OS. Your screens may vary.

Open the Settings Menu.


Tap on Accounts, and then Add Account at the bottom of the list.


Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (Some devices say Corporate)

new exchange

Enter your email address and password, and click Manual Setup


The email address is your email address.

The Domain needs to be blank

Username is your full email address

The server is

server settings

In order to use your mail on you phone, you must allow the server to control some security features. This will not affect the way you use the phone.


Here you can choose how many days worth of mail to store on your phone, and other options.


Please remember, your screens may vary slightly, depending on your device manufacturer, and what version of the Android OS you are running. If you have questions, please email us at