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These forms are interactive fillable PDF forms, and do not work in Google Chrome. Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox. Click on the link for the form you need, and it will open in a new window. Fill the form out and click "Send to Help Desk". It will then open a new email message and attach the completed form. Add notes if you like, and hit Send. Please do not print the form and send it to us. It's a lot easier for us to process the form if you click the large "Send to Help Desk" button in the middle of it. This form must be submitted by the supervisor, using their official address, not the new employee.

RogueNet User Account Request Form - updated  9/4/2013 Does not work in Google Chrome

A new user account request form is required when:

  • You have a new hire.
  • The user changes their legal name
  • The user changes the department they work for or adds additional departments (such as in the case with student workers).

Each RogueNet app is managed by someone in the department it is associated with. You can find that list by clicking here. We will make every effort to keep this list current and accurate. If you find an error in the list, please let us know. Help Desk cannot grant permission/access to RogueNet apps.

A new user account request is NOT required for:

  • Adding network resources to an account. (Please have your supervisor/dept. head email requests for network drive access to the account)
  • Adding distribution groups to an account. (Each distribution group has a designated staff member for updates. Please double-click on the distribution group within the Address Book and look for the "Owner" listed on the left side of the window and contact them for updating the group)

Remote Access Request Form - updated 2/26/2013 Does not work in Google Chrome

If you'd like to use one of the labs during the break between terms, you must fill out this form, and the Network Admins will do their best to accomodate your request. Their first priority is preparing the labs for the next term, so they cannot guarantee that a lab will be made available for you.