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What does a school district need to do?

  • Prior to February 1 of each year, each school district shall notify all high school students and the students’ parents or guardians of the Expanded Options Program.
  • The school district notice must include, but not be limited to, information about:
    • Financial arrangements for tuition, textbooks, equipment and materials;
    • Available transportation services;
    • The effect of enrolling in the Expanded Options Program on the eligible student’s ability to complete the required high school graduation requirements;
    • The consequences of failing or not completing an eligible post-secondary course; and
    • The requirement that participation in the Expanded Options Program is contingent on acceptance by an eligible post-secondary institution.

    Each school district shall establish a process to ensure that all at-risk students and their parents are notified about the Expanded Options Program. It shall be the priority for school districts to provide information to high school students who have dropped out of school.