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General Information Administrative Procedures

Employees’ General Information and Administrative Procedures are designed to serve as a one-stop reference source for Rogue Community College employees seeking general information about the College:  campuses, departments, services, committees, administrative procedures and Board policy, employment benefits, and other issues.   “General Information” (“GI”) and “Administrative Procedure” (“AP”) are listed in alphabetical order hereinbelow.  Each procedure or information item contains contact information for specifics on the issue outlined. 

Important note:  The RCC Board of Education is responsible for policy at RCC.  Administrative Procedures carry out management’s understanding of Board’s Policy (see section marked “Policy vs. Procedure”), for a more detailed explanation of the difference between policies and procedures).  Administrative procedures are subject to review and revision (see “Process – Review and Approval of Policy (Board) and Procedures (Administrative) AP-045).”

Table of Contents:

Other Procedures