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Financial Aid

Federal Direct Loans (FDL), 2014/15

Welcome to RCC’s student loan application process for the 2014/15 school year (’14 Summer through ’15 Spring).

The most important question to ask yourself when you’re considering applying for any loan is whether you really need to borrow. Loans are debt that must be repaid, with interest. To better understand the true cost of borrowing, please review the Debt Repayment Chart.xlsx. For FDL information, visit

Who is Eligible to Apply for a FDL?
Once you have been issued an Award Letter or an Eligibility Notification from RCC, you may complete the FDL application process. At least half-time (6+ aid-eligible term credits), aid-eligible enrollment is required. Check your financial aid status at Per-term loan application deadlines are as follows:

Loan Application Deadlines:
'14 Summer Thurs., 08/21/14 '15 Winter Fri., 03/13/15
'14 Fall Fri., 12/05/14 '15 Spring Fri., 06/05/15
How do You Apply? (it may be helpful to print these pages)
After reviewing this information, be prepared to enter the following data:
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Your Federal PIN (what you used to electronically sign your FAFSA)
  • Contact information (i.e. phone/mailing address) for 2-3 different, personal references (people who will know how to contact you in 10 years)

Recommended: Take the time to carefully read and research your need before you borrow. There are many helpful tools provided here. Use them to help you plan.

To proceed to the 3-step application process, select “Apply” at the end of these introduction pages. You’ll be asked to log into myRogue using your student ID and RCC Password. If the system cannot confirm your eligibility to apply, follow the directions you are given to find out what you must do next. DO NOT CONTINUE to as RCC will NOT be able to certify a loan for you until you become eligible. Otherwise, continue as follows:

  1. Loan Request Form. Print so that you can later complete and submit it by fax to 541-471-3532, scan and e-mail it to, or submit it in-person to Rogue Central Services. Select “Next” to continue to
  2. Annual, Online Loan Entrance Counseling. Use your last name, SSN, date of birth and federal PIN to “Sign In” and complete this second step. Allow an hour so you can carefully learn your borrower rights and responsibilities.
    1. Be sure your e-mail address is correct. RCC recommends checking the box to get electronic communication.
    2. Select “Complete Entrance Counseling.” (twice)
    3. Select 1st option (…to receive loans as an undergraduate student.), then “Continue”.
    4. If you get a pop-up message saying that you’ve already completed it, select “Continue.” (RCC uses annual entrance counseling as your application.)
    5. Read “Helpful Hints”, “About the Quiz” and “Now You are Ready to Begin” sections, then select “Continue”.
    6. School State is “OREGON” and School Name is “Rogue Community College” (Grants Pass address).
    7. “Continue”.
    8. Participate in an interactive, 16-part session that includes a short quiz after each section.
    9. Review your “Borrower Rights and Responsibilities.”
    10. Select “Submit.”
    11. Print your confirmation.

    You will get a “Congratulations!” message when completed.

    • The following borrowers will be notified of additional application requirements, including attending a 1-hr, in-person loan counseling session, before RCC can determine loan eligibility:
      • Those that already have high debt ($12,000+ for dependent applicants and $20,000+ for independent)
      • Those that have previously defaulted on a student loan (who didn’t successfully address issue in 12/13 or 13/14)
      • Those that are not in Good Standing according to RCC’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for financial aid
      • Those that have a Pace below 66.67%.
    • If you are new to college and a first-time-borrower, RCC strongly recommends that you attend an in-person, group loan counseling session during the first month of your loan period. We want to help you better understand the debt you are applying for and how to best manage it.
  3. Master Promissory Note (MPN). Return to Home and go to My Profile. Select “Completed MPNs” under “My Loan Documents.” All completed MPNs will be displayed.
    If you completed an MPN for Rogue Community College on or after 6/1/2010, your multi-year MPN application is complete. If your MPN for RCC is older than 10 years or the message “No records found” is displayed, click on “Complete MPN” under “Master Promissory Note” toward the lower left corner of the screen. This will take you to a screen where you’ll select the type of loan you would like to receive. Select “Subsidized/Unsubsidized” (RCC does not participate in the Graduate PLUS, Parent PLUS, or Perkins loan programs), then do the following:
    1. Complete all Personal Information.
    2. Complete all School and Loan Information.
    3. Complete all Reference 1 and 2 Information. (Have unique contact information ready.)
    4. Review the Terms and Conditions section thoroughly and check that you have done so.
    5. Confirm the information and edit if needed.
    6. Electronically sign by entering your name and clicking on “Sign.”
    7. After your signature is authenticated, review the HTML version of your MPN before submitting.
    8. You can view and print a PDF version of your MPN.