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Digis Scholarship Program (ID 4127)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
DIGIS has launched the Scholarship Program to draw attention of American juniors to the interesting world of software engineering. We are proud of being committed to bringing IT technologies to our everyday life and to building the software that helps us and empowers us to become better, more successful, and more human. All this cannot be implemented without true professionals and movers and shakers of the IT evolution. With our Program, we want to find such passionarians among American students who are finishing their high school studies or starting their college or university academic programs. Although the winner is going to be only one, we are sure that the remaining participants will be enriched as well. They will learn how to cope with real-life challenges most software developers face when applying for a new project; they will also discover how to collect proofs of their skills and present them properly.

Moreover, the best 5 applicants will get another opportunity: DIGIS will arrange the interview for them with possible future internship at DIGIS.

Contact Information


Computer and Information Science
1. Are a senior-grade student of a public or private school in the United States;
2. Are a first-year student of the Computer Sciences/Software Engineering/Applied Maths department at any US college/university;
3. Have at least 1 successful software development project (non-commercial projects are allowed);
4. Have examples of your source code on Github;
5. Are passionate about programming and software development in general;
6. Want to contribute your efforts, skills, and abilities to the improvement of IT technologies;
7. Are not afraid of difficult challenges.
Special Criteria:
Essay Topic:

Candidates must write clear and concise essay where they need to explain why they have decided to choose the IT specialization (Computer Science, Technology and/or Applied Mathematics) as their major and what they want to change in the world via the use of IT technologies. Volume of the work is not limited but it should be at least 1500 words.