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ShootSearcher Photography Scholarship (ID 4043)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
ShootSearcher has always provided the tips and unbiased reviews about a broad range of photography,digital camera and videography products.
Now we want to help the students showcase their abilities in this area and created this scholarship.
All students must be in an accredited college, university or vocational/trade school. and the winner will get $2,000 to be spent on tuition fees and supplies.
Applicants to write more than 1000 words and should cover one of the following topics:

• The application and influence of photography in human life.
• The effects of camera, tripod, lens and other equipment on photography .
• The relationship between camera and photography, optics, science and technology.
• The differences and similarities between photography and videography in modern life.

Contact Information



Students currently enrolled in a college, university or vocational/trade school (especially welcome art and photography students )
Special Criteria:
Application Requirements

All submiteal should send to and include below informations:

• Your full name, telephone number and mailing address
• The name of the school you attend
• Proof that you are a student of the school you specified(scan of student ID.)
• Your area of study
• More than 1000 words.
• All submissions should be in PDF form.
• The application must be English.