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Grow the Game Golf Scholarship (ID 4035)

Scholarship Description

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It’s no secret that golf is going through some challenges. Courses, club manufacturers and stores are closing. Rounds per year are down from recent peaks. For whatever the reason, whether it’s shortened attention spans, a long Great Recession hangover or the air deflating from a Tiger Woods bubble – it’s clear that the sport we love needs help.

Both Kyle and I graduated from the University of Illinois and like many other students across the country, did so with significant student loans. The cost of college has gone from being the cost of a car to the cost of a house. Paying back the student loans needed for a quality education means less that can be saved for retirement. It’s a problem without a solution in sight.

It may seem that we can’t do much, as a couple of small-time weekend golfers and bloggers, to help grow golf or solve the tuition crisis. That’s probably true on a large scale, but that won’t stop us from making our small dent in both problems.

We want to give back to students and the golf community by helping lower the cost to attend college, so we’re creating the Grow the Game of Golf Scholarship, which will start with $500 per year and be increased in the future. The scholarship will be awarded to those attending college who have plans to, or are actively growing the game of golf.

Additionally, all applicants will be entered into the soon to be announced RAFFLE for a free golf GPS watch!

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This scholarship is open to all students with preference given to those either pursuing golf-related careers, play competitively and/or are active in the golf community via education, charity or employment at a golf facility or in product development. We’re really looking for a compelling story where the money will do the most good for the student and the game.

To apply, please submit a short essay of 500-1000 words on one of the following topics to

Essay Topics

1) How will you help grow the game of golf?
2) What are the biggest challenges in encouraging youth to play golf and how can we solve them?
3) How has golf made you a better person?