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WikiLawn Grass for Class Scholarship (ID 3995)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
WikiLawn is on a mission to build the world’s #1 online resource for DIY lawn care gurus and lawn care professionals. We’re creating a platform that is used to share information and learn about lawn maintenance, gardening, landscaping, and how to successfully operate and maintain a landscaping business.

The majority of our contributors started their landscaping business as young kids pushing a lawnmower to earn a few bucks while school was out for the summer. Most of which successfully launched their lawn care and landscaping services upon graduating high school.

However, as the industry evolves it’s apparent that a college degree is becoming increasingly more crucial to the success of an entrepreneur’s landscaping business. Whether a degree in Business Management or Horticulture, formal training offers a competitive edge over the competition.

As we continue to grow our community and wealth of information, this scholarship is our way of giving back to the people that keep pushing the industry forward: students pushing lawnmowers.

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Full(12+ Credits)
• You currently own a lawn care service or landscaping business, ran one in the past, or plan on starting a lawn care service or landscaping business upon graduating college.
• You’re driven and resilient.
• You have the passion, vision, and work ethic to build your own business.
• You are a high school senior pursuing a college degree or full-time college student enrolled in a two-year, four-year, or graduate program. Our scholarship is open to all majors, however, those who are pursuing a major that’s directly transferable to the landscaping industry are highly encouraged to apply.
Special Criteria:
How do I apply?

To peruse applicants and choose the winner, we’ll need you to send in a few items. Please send the following to

• A copy of your transcript
• A copy of your updated resume
• A 500-700 article or blog post that you wrote on one of the following topics (please choose only one):
• - “Describe a time that you demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity while operating your business or service.”
• - “What words of wisdom would you offer to a fellow classmate who aspires to build their own business?”