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Crown Turf Green Homes Scholarship (ID 3925)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
There are hundreds of millions of homes in the world, and most were built before “climate change” and “resource depletion” became household phrases. Private homes account for more than 13% of total energy usage worldwide. Therefore, if we want to look for a way to bring runaway energy consumption under control and reduce mankind’s carbon footprint, there’s no place like home to begin the process. Crown Turf recognizes the importance of building greener, smarter homes and as such is sponsoring a 2019 scholarship award worth $1,000 to promote green learning.

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The Crown Turf Green Homes Scholarship Award is open to all students actively engaged in university-level studies related to smart home and green home design and construction in the US and Canada. That would include such courses as:

• Green home design and engineering.
• Green home building materials.
• Green home landscaping concepts.
• Green and smart home construction principles and methods.
• Alternative energy sources for the home.
• Principles of water conservation.
• Smart home technology.
• Sustainable development.
• The business of green home construction.
• Smart home automation.
• And more…
Special Criteria:
The winning applicant will describe for us in a minimum of 2,000 words their passion for green and smart home development, why they chose to pursue this line of study and how they believe they can make a meaningful contribution to the field of sustainable home design and development. In the final 1 or 2 paragraphs, please tell about the role you see the sustainable building and landscaping materials playing in the development of green and smart homes of the future. There will be one winner of the Crown Turf Green Home Scholarship.