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Smith Publicitys $1000 Book Marketing Scholarship (ID 3887)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
One of the leading book marketing and book publicity firms in the publishing industry, Smith Publicity, is offering a one-time, $1,000 scholarship to one high school or college/university student in the United States. The scholarship will be awarded to the student who submits the best essay on persuasive writing. We chose this topic because it’s an important part of the services we provide for book marketing.
Previous winner, Kelci Weidenaar said, “I truly love writing and it meant a lot to me to win this scholarship from an organization like Smith Publicity! It’s opportunities like this that are helping my educational dreams come true!” Kelci attends Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, MO.

Details on the essay:

• 1,500 word limit
• Points which must be addressed in the essay:
• The most essential elements of persuasive writing
• At least one personal example of how the student persuaded someone through writing
• Comparative analysis of the art of persuasion through written language versus verbally


• Essay must be submitted with cover sheet including student’s address and phone number
• Essays will be evaluated, and the winner chosen, by Smith Publicity senior staff members
• Deadline for submissions: December 10, 2018
• Winner will be announced January 7, 2019
• $1,000 payment will be made, on student’s behalf, directly to the college or university student will be/are attending
• This is a one-time scholarship award

Contact Information



All students are eligible to apply.