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Fortis Construction Scholarship (ID 3767)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Take advantage of this opportunity to win a 2019 construction scholarship worth $1000 from Fortis.

Those of us at Fortis Tracks understand the role of education in providing young people with opportunities for career advancement and overall professional success. Therefore, in order to help facilitate opportunities for those currently enrolled in construction-related programs at either the undergraduate or postgraduate levels we have instituted the Fortis Construction Scholarship program.

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The Fortis Construction Scholarship is open to all students engaged in the full or part-time study of the construction trade at recognized institutions of higher learning in both the US and Canada.

What are the Requirements?

In order to be eligible the student must be actively engaged in a program of study that includes one or more of the following topics:

• Construction business
• Construction engineering
• Construction management
• Construction technology
• Construction systems
• Construction contracting
• Heavy equipment operation
• Cabinet making
• Surveying
• Plumbing
• Framing
• Electrical
• Masonry
• Associated Robotics
Special Criteria:
Tell us, using a minimum of 2000 words, the nature of your passion for construction work, why you chose a construction-related major, how you think you can contribute to the betterment of the construction industry and where you see the industry going in the future. Finally, spend at least 1 full paragraph explaining why robotics, 3D printing and AI (artificial intelligence) will play a vital role in the future of the construction industry.

Make sure you include your first and last name, email address and school name and location in the header of the essay and submit it to for consideration. There will be one winner of the Fortis Construction Scholarship.