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$500 Scholarship Offer From Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy (ID 3692)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
A hypnotherapist is a type of psychotherapist that treats the client by making suggestions to his or her subconscious mind. Mark Bowden is an internationally recognized therapist and life coach who uses hypnosis to help his clients improve their lives by overcoming challenges like anxiety, addictions, and phobias. He is a published author and has partnered with British Airways to produce an in-flight hypnotherapy channel.

Because hypnotherapy is often used in the context of behavioral, psychological, or medical care, most practitioners need a college degree or higher in order to practice. To help more students enter the field, Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy is offering a $500 scholarship to a student who intends to use hypnotherapy in his or her future career.

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Min Age:
• You must be age 16 or over.
• You must have been accepted into or be currently enrolled in an accredited two-year or four-year college in the US.
Special Criteria:
To demonstrate their knowledge of and interest in hypnotherapy, students should write a 1,000-word essay on the benefits of self-hypnosis. The essay should begin by defining self-hypnosis and explaining how it works. It should then go on to discuss several ways in which self-hypnosis can benefit people who use it. The writer should mention several specific problems that self-hypnosis can treat, such as a lack of self-confidence, anxiety, or a phobia, and then describe how self-hypnosis helps.