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Greenmatch Community Service Scholarship (ID 3577)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
£1,000 ($1,429. Estimated dollar amount as of 4/17/18. Amount may be subject to change as conversion rates change)
GreenMatch believes in sustainability and promoting greener living. In an effort to encourage and empower young individuals to play their part in helping the community through green activities and initiatives, GreenMatch would like to award a student with a scholarship of £1,000 for excellence in green initiatives.

Contact Information



1. Participants must provide proof that they are either currently enrolled or have been accepted at an accredited university in 2018.
2. Applicants must submit pictures or documents of a community service act that they have been a part of, along with their application.
3. An essay describing a community service activity that you have participated in.
4. Applicants are required to indicate their acceptance through the consent form and send it along with their application.
Special Criteria:
In order to apply for this scholarship applicants are required to write an essay of 1,000 words.

Topic: Describe a community service activity or initiative that you have participated in.

The following points should be taken into consideration while writing the essay:

1. What does green living mean to you?
2. Why do you think this specific community service activity is important, and what should people know about it?

The applicants should send all the documents and essays via email to Applications must be submitted in English.

Write “Scholarship Application + Your Name” in the email subject line.