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Dance Centre Myway Grand competition (ID 3538)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Myway Dance Academy is preparing for the start of the seventh season - new and already loved by students styles and teachers are waiting for you on June 4!

Myway Dance Academy is a dance project for those who dance and dreams to dance, wants to develop in different styles and directions.

Traditionally, for members of the Academy, the Dance Center Myway provides an opportunity to study the most talented and promising students on a free basis.

This is a chance to get maximum knowledge, thanks to their activity, skills and desire to study, on a budget. But such an opportunity goes to those who really work at full.

Contact Information



Eligibility Requirements:
1. Create the author's choreography.
2. Remove your performance of the choreography on the video. Quality is desirable, but not determinative.
3. Share a dance video on YouTube
4. Do repost the news at:
Facebook -https: //
type = 3 & theater

5. Send to a letter with the subject in the heading "I want to get grant for the Academy".
The letter should contain:
- your surname, name, patronymic;
- a link to your video in Youtube;