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Amberd's Scholarship Program (ID 3497)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Amberd Design Studio is a full-service design, branding and marketing agency located in Los Angeles, CA. We are happy to announce the start of a scholarship program exclusively for college and university students who have a desire and interest to go forward in their education.

We understand that it can be hard to attend courses due to cost, so we’ve set up this offer to help people advance their education.

Contact Information


Amberd Design Studio has the scholarship available to anyone who is currently studying or has been accepted to any accredited college or university.
Special Criteria:
Application Process

• Complete and submit an essay of 1500+ words on SEO or Internet Marketing.
• Your essay must be posted online in a public way. You can use either a college or university blog/website.
• Your essay must be 100% original, not copied or plagiarised!
• Include three links that are citing authoritative sources on your subject matter topic. Include one link back to Amberd Design Studio.
• The student must be a US citizen and must have a US high school diploma.
• Fill out the form below once your post has gone live.