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Student Debt Relief Scholarship (ID 3441)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Student Debt Relief is committed to helping students receive a higher education while keeping their student debt as low as possible. Students often have debt that accumulates due to many aspects of college and is not limited to the cost of tuition alone. Often costs such as books, food, room & board, car repairs and pleasure end up driving students to borrow and accumulate more debt then they expected. To show our commitment to those who have thought about this and have a plan to minimize their student debt, we have an annual Student Debt Relief Scholarship program.

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For this scholarship opportunity, you must be applying to enroll in college by the Fall 2018 semester, or already be enrolled. You can apply for this scholarship if you are:

• A high-school student attending college for the Fall 2018 semester.
• Undergrad student currently enrolled.
• Grad student currently enrolled.
Special Criteria:
Please answer the following questions in a 1,000 word or less .pdf or word document, to be attached in the application:

Please explain the process in which you selected your college or university. What factors were important for you in your consideration, and what ultimately led you to select your current school.