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Drone Addicts $500 Global Drone Scholarship (ID 3425)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Here at Drone Addicts, we understand the importance of school for any person’s scientific growth, but we also know the obstacles that plague students wanting to learn. We therefore call upon those students who have a burning desire to absorb all the knowledge that they could in the institution of their choosing, but are having a difficult time meeting the financial demands of the academia. We are proud to open a yearly competition with the goal of helping out young men and women of science in achieving their goals. We offer financial aid that can help students with purchasing their books and school supplies, paying for their dorm room needs like rent, bills, and daily provisions, or the course’s fees in general. We want to help out the best we can to alleviate these concerns, so students can focus on what really matters when they are in school: to learn.

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Min Age:
Max Age:
Entry Requirements:

1. Interested applicants must be between the ages of 15 to 25, and must be currently enrolled in either the High School or College level
2. This is a global competition open to all site members, with possible course and school recipients not only being limited to the United States
3. Essay entries must be sent to our site before the 1st of December 2017 at
4. Students wanting to participate are required to include at least one Letter of 5. Recommendation along with their entry
5. All interested students currently under any major or field can apply for the scholarship. To be able to join in the contest however, the student must demonstrate the need for financial assistance in their current studies.
Special Criteria:
Submission Guidelines:

Each entry must be approximately one page in length and can be written in either the Spanish or English language. Essays need to be 500 words or more, and must revolve around the topic of the contest: Discuss and expand on an idea you have for using Drone Technology in order to help improve an environmental problem, either locally or on a global scale.

Along with the essay, send an application form that includes the following:

• Your name and contact information
• The current school you are attending (recipient of the scholarship) along with their contact information and significant people involved
• A letter of reference written in either Spanish or English
• A paragraph that talks in detail about why you need the scholarship