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CheapLimoService Annual Scholarship Program (ID 3377)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Travelling is a passion that most people love to explore when they are young. Better is if you can share your experiences with others and also awaken the travelling buff in them. If you are also one of such people for whom travel is the essence of life we have a unique opportunity to offer. We at are presenting to students a $500 scholarship just to share their travel ideas with us.

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In case you are a high school senior or an under or postgraduate student you can apply for our scholarship. When you apply for the scholarship it is mandatory that you are a student of any school, college or university. If you apply without keeping these considerations in mind we will cancel the application.
Special Criteria:
This unique scholarship targets the high school seniors, under and posts graduate students especially those who have lots of travel stories to share. The condition is simple. Just pen down your experiences in an 800-1500 words article. The topic needs to be centered on Travel Guides, Survival tips while travelling, How to improve travel industry etc. Your article idea should be unique and have a personal touch so that people can relate better to it.
All the articles would be evaluated on the basis of the idea, how it is presented and whether it seems original or not. If you send us copied or plagiarised content we would be forced to consider your application null and void there and then. Whatever content you send to us should be helpful and relatable to the readers.