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Myveganlife Scholarship Program (ID 3364)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
We believe that having proper fitness level goes in a long way to ensure maximum efficiency be it in the field of physical activity or education. We have created a scholarship program for all the students so that they can get some additional help for their studies.

About the Scholarship:

Our scholarship program is known as “Myveganlife Scholarship Program“. In this program we shall be giving one scholarship of $2750 to one student who will win it based on his/her application. We hope that our scholarship program shall prove helpful to students in pursuing their education.

Contact Information



Min Age:
This scholarship is open to all the students who are currently enrolled in colleges, universities or high schools.
Students of any stream/branch of education are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Applicants must have attained age of 18 years as on last date of scholarship.
Special Criteria:
Application process and Guidelines

1. Applicant will have to submit a well written essay, info graphics or article (750-1000 words) on “How can you remain fit forever”. Your essay, info graphics or article will be judged on the level of freshness, creativity, uniqueness, as well as on its content.
2. You should tell us the reason for applying to our scholarship.
3. You should email us all the details to: along with:
• Your CV/Resume
• Proof of being a student i.e. copy of student ID card etc.