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Mens Wedding Bands Scholarship (ID 3333)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Men’s Wedding Bands is Here to Make a Difference: Send a Video and Win a Scholarship!

Mens Wedding Bands has been around since 2003. Over the last 15 years, the name has become synonymous with trust, quality, and great design. When people want to explore the best ring designs from the best brands from around the world, they come to the official Mens Wedding Bands website. We offer 100% secure shopping at the most affordable prices. In fact, we use the same high-end security that most Fintech websites and banking websites use to ensure complete protection of our consumer data.

The leading brand in design and services

Our website and company have sold to our dedicated customers in virtually every state. We also sell our rings to customers from other countries. Our designs and styles appeal to an international audience. We put in considerable effort to create a positive brand image that resonates with our loyal buyers. Mens Wedding Bands listens to the customers and their demands. That helps us always to stay trendy and provide the best services to all kinds of buyers from around the world. We respect our customer interactions the most, and that helps us to stay on the top sellers' list for years on end.

Mens Wedding Bands respects the privacy of all customers. We use state of the art security and encryption systems for our customer data. The official website uses SSL certificates to protect user data. Our representatives do not note down credit card details over phone calls, and we ensure that only customers can enter their credit card data and bank details on our website. Our website backend is both sophisticated and highly secure. Neither do we sell personal data of our customers to the market nor do we allow our employees to accept security codes over the phone. No employee from our store has access to the customer data on our website database. Norton Safe Web provides complete protection to all Mens Wedding Bands users and user transactions.

Mens Wedding Bands believes in the most excellent quality

We also pay utmost attention to quality. Customers will not find hollow gold, cheap gold plating, and CZs on our website. Our eCommerce site only hosts patented Triton Tungsten Carbide rings, authentic titanium ring designs, real diamonds, and good quality gold and white metal jewelry. We always try to disclose the constituents of any piece we showcase in our online store. We believe in Triton, even though it might be costlier than few local brands and Chinese knock-offs. Triton has patented a 30-step exemplary finish process that maintains the integrity of our beautiful jewelry.

Opting for the best process and production allows us to offer the best designs too. Exotic designs that include dinosaur bones, meteorite inlays, and wooden inlays are relatively mainstream on our website. We ensure that our ring designs are just as long-lived and elegant as our customer’s relationship. In fact, anyone will find the best wedding band designs at Mens Wedding Bands without a doubt. This brand provides a unique and holistic customer experience that makes Mens Wedding Bands a memorable name in the realm of wedding jewelry designs.

Our faith in the beautiful things like better brands of jewelry production has earned us an A+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). To uphold best practices, we provide all our customers with a lifetime warranty on our rings and the best post-sales services that money can buy. Once someone buys any ring from our e-commerce site, he or she becomes eligible for a 30-day return and exchange policy. Given that our rings use only the most excellent quality metal and gemstones, customers rarely need to return the purchased item. We have a very simple policy for resizing. Our buyers need to go down a size, we will do it for them! The prices usually depend on the work your ring needs. If it is a new ring, we can talk about it, and customers can often get it for free!

Contact Information


What are the eligibility criteria?

You need t o provide proof of enrollment along with the application. You have to be a student of an accredited college or University in the USA for the current school year.

What are the deadlines?
• The last date for entering the contest is October 2, 2018.
• We will choose our winner by October 15, 2018.
• Mens Wedding Bands will hold this scholarship contest every year.

The process of application:
• Make a 2-3 minute long video on the theme. Use your creative flair to cover the topic.
• Upload your video to YouTube with title "Wedding Video" and include this link
• After your upload is complete, send an email to mensweddingbandscholarship@gmail.comwith full details (name, address, phone number and school with proof of enrollment).
• Mens Wedding Bands will send a receipt of your entry, and we will notify the winner on completion of the contest.
• The committee at will decide the winner based on the quality and scope of their application content.
• Any and all application videos with inappropriate content will be ineligible for contesting, and the moderator will remove the video.