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Beauty Change Scholarship (ID 3250)

Scholarship Description

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Since the beginning of mankind, man was focused on the beauty aspects and the many new ways to improve it. Every century has brought a new trend and nowadays we are facing a trend revolution and expansion for both men and for women. What the 21st century brought is a the revival of the beard among the masculine population and many new ways of living that were created within.

Our company is dedicated to reviewing beard related products, as well as providing informative articles on all beard-related topics. On behalf of the importance of beauty in people’s lives, many years ago, we have established a scholarship in order to hear a young people’s voice about this topic.

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The 2017/2018 Beauty Change Scholarship is dedicated to beard and new trends the man beard has brought to us. There is no restriction on gender identity – both man and women can write about the topic because we are interested in hearing both sides’ views about it. The topic is ʺThe beard phenomenon: how it changed the way of looking and thinking in the 21st centuryʺ. Write about your personal approach to this phenomenon and be sure to use some statistics, facts etc. The essay must be formatted in a Times New Roman, size 12 and sent in word or PDF document on an email:

Make sure to submit your essays no later than April 2nd at 5 pm. The most original essay will be awarded 1500$ prize and the announcement will be on April 10th. The winner will be contacted in order to receive a prize through his bank account.

The application is free of charge. All private data submitted within the application are kept in secret. The essays we receive might be published on our website, which is right you approve to us after sending the application.