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ShoesTracker Scholarship Program (ID 3207)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
The purpose of the ShoesTracker scholarship is to draw attention to an often-ignored issue: foot pain and foot health.

By encouraging students to write about their personal experiences or the experiences of the individuals that they know and think of methods to raise awareness, this scholarship opens up the conversation about foot pain and foot health.

The more people who talk about foot pain and foot health, the more people who can learn about the methods of dealing with it, the causes of it, and the best ways to prevent future foot pain.

Our feet carry us throughout our lives. It is important that we take care of them, that we know how to take care of them. We are hoping that your stories will help us with that goal.

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Anyone is welcome to apply for this scholarship, no matter where in the world you reside. However, there are some criteria overall for the application.

• You must be a student (High School, College, or University)
• The essay must be written in English.
• The essay must be between 500-2000 words long.
• The essay must be original content from the applicant. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Special Criteria:
Your essay should address the following the following three questions.

• What foot pain or struggles with foot health have you (or someone you know) experienced?
• How have these issues been handled by you (or someone you know)?
• In what ways can you raise awareness in your community about foot health and foot pain?