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Cyber Forensics Annual Social Media Open-Source Forensics Software Scholarship (ID 3112)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Computer forensics analysis is one of the most important developments in the legal field in recent decades. Computer forensics analysis is a vital tool in both criminal and civil cases and it has reshaped the ways in which cases are investigated and evidence is presented in court. Getting more criminals off the street and helping more victims to get justice is an amazing way of harnessing the power of technology.

To help promote study and scholarship within the important evolving field of computer forensics analysis, Cyber Forensics will begin offering an annual scholarship beginning Spring of 2018. The $1000 scholarship is entitled the Cyber Forensics Social Media Open-Source Forensics Software Scholarship and it is open to a student who can identify the best open-source social media forensics software available to the public.

Contact Information


Min GPA:
-You must be currently enrolled or have been accepted into an accredited college or university by the Spring semester
-You must have a minimum 2.8 GPA
-You must submit a transcript, along with a completed application as well as submitted review of software as outlined above.
Special Criteria:
The student who is awarded the scholarship will demonstrate expertise in forensics software by reviewing and providing an argument for the chosen software product, which they believe, is the best publicly available open source software. Interested applicants should utilize the format demonstrated in the Mobile Device Forensics Software article to submit their reviews.

Students should select a tool that has the ability to analyze as many social media networks and platforms as possible and conduct searches by profiles, links, geolocation data, and any other data-mined content. Submitted reviews should include overviews, screen shots and a personal opinion regarding why the student believes the software is the best available tool.