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Essay Service Writing Development Program (ID 3015)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Gold Scholarship - $500
Silver Scholarship - $250
Bronze Scholarship - $250
The ‘Writer’s Encouragement Scholarship’ was established by as a part of our Writing Development Program. The scholarships are administered and awarded in line with our commitment to the academic success of our members. It is our aim to support and encourage students to realize academic success and build the best possible foundations for their professional lives. At members and non-members alike can access a growing range of content which we hope will serve to encourage students and assist them in developing the writing skills that are so crucial in academic and professional life. The purpose of the Writer’s Encouragement Scholarship is to encourage students to continue to practice their writing and we hope the awards of up to $500 will be a real support to students.

An important difference this scholarship has from other similar awards is that we do not only take note of the competence with which the applicants write their application essays; we also assess their level of improvement since their previous applications. Many of those who are awarded the scholarship are granted it on their first attempt. However, we encourage students to make new attempts whether they have previously won or not. Subject to their consent, a member’s application will be kept on record and improvements from their previous attempt will favorably support subsequent applications. The factoring of improvement in the assessment of applications is motivated by our commitment to the ongoing support and development of our members.

Contact Information


-An applicant is not disqualified on the basis of having been previously awarded this or any other scholarship.
-The aim of this award is to support and encourage our members, hence, applicants must be registered as members of
-Applicants must be able to demonstrate evidence that they are enrolled in high school or a tertiary institution; a photograph of a student card will suffice.
-Plagiarism will result in disqualification.
-Applications must be submitted by the due date for that round of scholarships. -Applications will be accepted until the 14th of January and the 14th of August, each year.
-Applications must fulfill these Eligibility Criteria and be submitted with an essay which meets the writing criteria for the scholarship: such as follows.
Special Criteria:
Scholarship Essay Criteria

-Essays need to be written according to the Harvard Style and citations must be given for referred texts accordingly.
-There is a limit of 1200 words and essays must exceed 600 words.
-Avoid using the essay as an opportunity to explain why you deserve the scholarship. The assessors will use an assessment rubric and will not be swayed by your circumstances.
-We look at previous applications our members have submitted to assess improvement, subsequently, it will be pointless to resubmit the same piece of -writing.
-The applicant may choose from the following topics. These may or may not be changed after a given issuance of the awards. Therefore, the applicant should check this page before commencing each new application attempt.

Essay Topics

-What changes might we see in education in the future?
-How does education challenge the worldview of students?
-Are tests an adequate medium of assessment?
-Can essay writing be fairly judged without bias?
-Essay writing services and their place in the educational market.