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The VoIPHub 2017-2018 Scholarship (ID 2811)

Scholarship Description

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You must show that you are currently taking a minimum of nine credit hours through a post secondary program. If not, you must be a senior in high school that has already been accepted at such a program.
In addition, you must email us two recommendation letters. One must be from your employer, and the letter must be on company letterhead with your signature in order to be valid. The other letter needs to come from someone at your school that knows your capabilities.
Finally, your overall GPA (grade point average) needs to be at least 2.75 (assuming the scale is a 4.0).
Special Criteria:
There are a few other pieces of information that need to be submitted along with your application as well.
First, in a minimum of 500 words, answer the following question: Why do you want to be awarded this scholarship, why are you a worthy candidate, and what are your future career goals?
In addition, there are several documents that need to be sent us when you finish the application. Please send a transcript with your current grades (either high school or college). If you are a high school senior, there must be documentation of your grades for 12th grade. Your transcript does not need to be official, but you cannot simply submit a report card. Also, if you are a high school senior, you must send in your letter of acceptance from the post-secondary program you have been accepted to.
As was mentioned before, your two letters of recommendation must be sent as well. Please follow the guidelines mentioned earlier.
All submissions be sent to and must include your 500 word essay on why you should receive this scholarship, etc., two letters of recommendation and your transcripts. These must all be attached to one email for consideration.
Your information needs to be sent to us by 5:00pm on December 31st 2017. If you do not do so, you will not be considered for the scholarship.