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Encore Scholarship Program (ID 2457)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Here at Encore Protection, we know how devastating a drunk driving accident can be. Victims may find themselves permanently injured, affecting their performance at school or work. Families who are affected may find it difficult to pay for their student’s education on top of medical, rehabilitation and other bills. We want to help those affected by a drunk driving accident lead a successful life by easing at least some of the financial burden of college.

Contact Information


Min GPA:
In order to qualify for the Encore Protection Victims of Drunk Driving Scholarship, applicants must be:

The victim of a drunk driving accident;
The child or dependent of a victim of a drunk driving accident; OR
The spouse of a victim of a drunk driving accident.
In addition, applicants must:

Be currently attending or have been accepted to an accredited college or university
Have a 3.0 GPA or higher
Special Criteria:
To apply, please submit your transcript and essay through our form below.

Essay Topics

Please submit a 500 to 1,000 word essay on ONE of these topics:

How has a drunk driving accident impacted your life?
In what ways have you worked to bring awareness to drinking and driving in your school or community?
How do you plan to use the Encore Protection Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship to bring awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving?
Do you believe drunk driving laws in your state are strict enough? What changes would you make?