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WyzAnt College Scholarships (ID 1527)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
WyzAnt tutors will review essays in the final round to determine the winners of college scholarships

$10,000 for 1st place

$3,000 for 2nd place

$2,000 for 3rd place
WyzAnt Tutoring’s annual scholarship contest is back for its fifth year. Multiple prizes are up for grabs, with a first place scholarship worth $10,000! WyzAnt promotes quality education through our community of expert tutors, and we want to see students make it through college too. We’re proud to offer scholarships to help make that happen.

Describe in 300 words or less a person who has inspired you. Explain how he or she helped to inspire and positively influence and motivate you.

Essay must contain 150–300 words.

Contact Information

(312) 646-6365
Toll Free:
(877) 999-2681
(773) 345-5525


Min Age:
In the application, Entrant must write an essay in English containing no more than 300 words answering the question: What challenge have you overcome that has best prepared you for college?

Using email and social media, reach out to friends and family to get votes for your essay. Finalists will be determined by popular vote!

Special Criteria:
1. First and foremost, make sure you're answering the right question. Scholarship essays often ask you to respond to a specific question or topic. This may seem obvious, but students sometimes make simple mistakes. Writing about something unrelated is to fastest way to see your essay rejected.

2. We want to hear about you! Tell us about what makes you different and unique, and let us know what you’re passionate about. Write in your own voice and avoid unnatural "thesaurus words." And be careful that you don't write an essay about someone else. Students sometime make the mistake of focusing on people such as parents or teachers. It's OK to write about other people as long as you tie it back to your own life.

3.Scholarship essays often have word counts, and WyzAnt's is no exception. When your essay is only 300 words, make sure every word counts. Don't write a lengthy introduction and try to cram the body of your essay in the last 100 words. Make sure your essay is specific and focused - avoid big topics that are hard to fit into a small word count. Stay on-topic and get to the point.

4. Always remember to edit your essay thoroughly. Make sure you've caught every grammar and spelling error. Remove unnecessary words and sentences. Read your essay out loud, or ask someone else to read it out loud to you. Double check the three points above. Did you answer the essay topic? Is your essay personal and unique? Don't rush to hit "submit." Even a little editing goes a long way and really makes your essay shine!

5. Before you submit your essay, be sure to get constructive criticism from at least one other person. Once you've submitted your essay, be sure to tell your friends and family to vote (finalists are determined by popular vote!). Take advantage of social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Think outside the box and consider all the different ways you can promote your essay. Most importantly, be proud of your essay and don't be afraid to share it.