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Adaptive Technology

Adaptive Technology is loaned, placed in classrooms, or is available in our Adaptive Technology Lab on an as-needed basis for students with qualifying disabilities to allow equal access to the classroom environment. Examples of adaptive/assistive technologies include:

  • ADA Adaptive Chairs: Padded chairs with arms (in the classroom environment) for persons with physical disabilities.
  • ADA Adaptive Tables: Tables at various heights for persons in wheelchairs for use in the classroom.
  • AlphaSmart 3000 is a portable word processor that allows students to electronically write, edit, and store text without needing to be at a computer station. After writing the unit is connected to a computer (PC or Mac) click here to download the document/s
  • Assistive Listening Device (Comtek model PR-216) A personal listening system enabling some persons with hearing impairments to use residual hearing. Includes a small microphone used by the instructor or speaker and an earpiece receiver for the student.(Note: Students are required to provide their own earpiece / headphones) An Equipment Loan Contract must be signed each term.
  • Audio Graphing Calculator provides the functionality of a handheld scientific calculator for people who are mobility or visually impaired. Features include: Describing of graph shape through audio tones and cues; speaking menus; scalable visual display; keyboard navigation; tactile output options.
  • Brain Train Volume 3 software programs are designed to remediate cognitive and behavioral deficits commonly encountered following brain injury or other acquired neurological injuries or illnesses.
  • Digital Voice Recorders are available for students who are approved for recording lectures. An Equipment Loan Contract must be signed each term, and the recorders are due back the last day of term.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking V. 10.0:Speech recognition software that allows a computer to be controlled by voice, also allows composition of papers by talking out loud into a microphone.
  • Kurzweil 3000 is a scanning, reading, writing and learning solution for students with learning disabilities or reading difficulties.
  • Littman Electronic Stethoscope (Model 3100)is available for students with verified hearing disability on a first come first served basis. An Equipment Loan Contract must be signed each term and the stethoscope is due back the last day of term.
  • JAWS (Job Access With Speech) V.11 : A "talking computer" specifically for persons who are blind or low vision. The computer will read back all screen commands so a person does not have to be able to see the monitor screen.
  • Pulse Smart Pen (Livescribe 2GB)is about the size and weight of a large pen(5/8" x 6 1/8"), and is equipped with a removable ball-point ink cartridge, a microphone to record audio, a speaker for playback, a small OLED display, and internal flash memory that captures handwritten notes, audio and drawings. The user can choose to record audio in addition to the handwritten text. Recorded audio is kept indexed with the handwritten text - tapping on a written word starts playback of the recorded audio from that part of the recording.
  • MagniLink S Student (with laptop) is a portable system with reading/distance camera for connection to a laptop or desktop computer for students with low vision. May be used in conjunction with Zoomtext software.
  • Magnisight CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) System allows people with low vision to magnify textbooks or single papers. The CCTV is hooked up to a television, just turn them both on and place the paper on the platform then magnify to the desired size, control brightness and contrast.
  • TTY is short for Teletypewriter or Teletype, a typewriter with an electronic communication channel. A keyboard version of a telephone allowing persons who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to telecommunicate. Disability Services has a TTY available at 541.956.7338
  • Victor Reader Vibe and Wave digital talking book players for DIASY and MP3 formats as well as commercial CDs. An Equipment Loan Contract must be signed each term. Players are available on a first come first served basis.
  • Zoom Text V.9.1 is designed to enlarge and enhance everything on the screen, making all applications easier to see and use. It has innovative color settings letting you change screen colors for clarity and reduced eyestrain. Pointer and cursor enhancements make it easier to find the mouse pointer and text cursor. Plus smoothing tools to help text be clear and sharp for all of the magnification levels.