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Rogue Community College
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Title: Problems with
Phone: 541-956-7379 (Josephine)
Dean Rendernick
Title: Maintenance Custodian
Phone: 541-956-7333 (Josephine)
Richard Renfro
Title: Coordinator ROLEA
Phone: 541-245-7963 (Jackson)
Michelle Rhodes
Title: Program Support Specialist IV
Phone: 541-245-7806 (Jackson)
Will Riddle
Title: Veterans Coordinator
Phone: 541-245-7738 (Jackson)
Jil (Robin) Rigby
Title: Data Management Specialist
Phone: 541-956-7120 (Josephine)
Rusty Riis
Title: EMS Clinical Coordinator
Phone: 541-245-7961 (Jackson)
Teresa Rivenes
Title: Dean of Instruction, Curriculum and Instruction
Phone: 541-245-7707 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7279 (Josephine)
Juan Rivera
Title: Library Specialist II Acquisitions/Processing
Phone: 541-956-7148 (Josephine)
Daniel Rodriguez
Title: Mail/Receiving Specialist
Phone: 541-956-7157 (Josephine)
Makenzie Rodriguez
Title: Library Specialist I
Laurie Roe
Title: Director, Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Phone: 541-956-7133 (Josephine)
Brad Ross
Title: Admission Coach
Phone: 541-956-7059 (Josephine)
Phone: 541-956-7252 (Josephine)
Julie Rossi
Title: Director, Adult Basic Skills & Individualized Career Training
Phone: 541-245-7615 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7125 (Josephine)
Bill Rounds
Title: IT Systems Technician
Phone: 541-956-7110 (Josephine)
Benjamin Russell
Title: Electronics Lab Technician
Phone: 541-245-7843 (Jackson)
Phone: 541-956-7245 (Josephine)