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Rogue Community College
Rogue Community College
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Grant Lagorio
Title: Director, Facilities and Operations
Phone: 541-956-7378 (Josephine)
Kent Lane
Title: Diesel Lab Technician
Phone: 541-245-7996 (Jackson)
Peggy Lara
Title: Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 541-245-7917 (Jackson)
Lorraine Lara
Title: LBCC Occupational Therapy Assist.Academic Planning
Carylyn Later
Title: Test Proctor I
Phone: 541-245-7546 (Jackson)
Frank Lauterio
Title: Grounds Keeper
Phone: 541-956-7333 (Josephine)
Shauna Law
Title: Financial Aid Specialist
E-mail: (No Info)
Michael Lawrence
Title: Network Administrator
Phone: 541-956-7052 (Josephine)
Daniel Lebowitz
Title: Data Management Specialist
Phone: 541-956-7213 (Josephine)
Sonia Lemacks
Title: Transition Specialist TS
Phone: 541-245-7747 (Jackson)
Theresa Leonardo
Title: Assistant to the Dean, School of Science & Technology
Phone: 541-245-7904 (Jackson)
Nancy Lewis
Title: Temp Staff
Joann Linville
Title: Interim Vice President, Instructional Services/CAO
Phone: 541-956-7117 (Josephine)
Joseph (Mike) Longo
Title: Fire Academy Coordinator
Nichole Lott
Title: Science Lab Coordinator
Phone: 541-245-7581 (Jackson)
Melody Love
Title: Supported Education Specialist for Options
Phone: 541-956-7197 (Josephine)
Arthur Luna
Title: Maintenance Custodian
Phone: 541-956-7333 (Josephine)